Posted by Jenna Jackson on 11/14/2016

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Thanks for checking in!!!


In ELA, we have continued learning more about informational texts and text features as well as author's purpose. We used our knowledge of text features to make our personal animal research books! Each student was responsible for selecting and researching an animal using many resources. We looked into physical characteristics, diet, habitat and interesting facts. We also created a table of contents and glossary for our books. 

We can't wait to share these with you at our Parents, PJ's and Pastries event on December 2 at 9:30 in our classroom!! :)

We have now moved onto a new unit focusing on literature- particularily fables and folktales, writing a narrative piece, and story structure. 



We completed our unit 2 math test today. Please continue  to practice basic facts and double digit addition and money values/counting at home. 

This next unit will focus on measurement. 3.1 will begin on Tuesday, 11/15! Thank you for your continued support!



Dates to Remember:

11/15-- Book Fair begins

11/16--Early Release

11/23-11/25-- No School, Thanksgiving Break

12/2-- Parents, PJ's and Pastries 9:30

12/7 and 12/8-- MAP testing Winter session


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