Art Remote Learning! Week 5

Posted by Christina Amato on 4/27/2020

Students are to use whatever materials they have to make their project their own and unique. After completing the drawing, they can upload it onto Artsonia, Post to Week 4 - Grade Level. If you don’t have access to Artsonia, you can upload the app on your phone or please keep drawings for Mrs. Amato to see when we return to school.


K-2nd Grade  


Week 5: Make a paintbrush out of nature! If you have paint see if you can paint a picture with it! Post paintbrush with your painting or just your paintbrush on Artsonia. 

Nature Paint Brushes | How to make paint, Simple acrylic paintings ...

3rd -4th Grade 

Week 5: Create art inspired by places you have been in your life. Create art based on maps and exploration. Post to Artsonia.

Mrs. Amato’s favorite place - Aruba’s Land Bridge

Land Bridge, Aruba



5th Grade:

Week 5: Research What is an “UnSung Hero”? Who is an Unsung Hero to you, your family, right now in the world today? Think about it, research it and draw what they mean to you!

Community gallery: Not all heroes wear capes, thank your local ...


Do your Best West! Please email me at for any questions or concerns.