Concluding Quiz on Friday (11/8)

Posted by Ruel Apostol on 11/6/2019

Hello Huskies!


We have finally concluded Lesson Unit 1.1 Describing Water (Matter)!  We will be having a summative assessment (quiz) on Friday, Nov. 8th.  To prepare, they may take home their science binder and/or study the reviewer posted in our Google Classroom.  Each time we end a lesson, we do the customary graded Model So Far journal entry.

I gave out the following questions to guide them in writing their journal entry:

  • Describe what does each of the vocab words mean.
    - Attract, repel, adhesion, cohesion, surface tension, capillary action
  • How does water behave when it is with other water? Other liquids?
  • How does it behave when it comes into contact with soap?
  • How does it behave when it comes into contact with materials like: wax paper? Paper towel?
  • Compare and contrast the properties of the 4 liquids?
    -Hold together
    -Interact with objects on its surface
  • What else do you think is important?
  • Use diagrams, pictures, and words to demonstrate what you understand.


Go Huskies! Go Vikings!