Exploring Liquids!

Posted by Ruel Apostol on 10/24/2019

We have started Unit 1.1 Act 2 - Exploring Liquids last Monday!


We have previously learned the 4 properties of water in Act 1:

  1. Ability to hold together (cohesion)
  2. Ability to stretch (cohesions)
  3. Ability to interact with objects on its surface (surface tension)
  4. Ability to climb (capillary action)

In Act 2, we used plain water, soapy water, alcohol, and oil.  We are going to explore if these liquids behave like water.  We compared the height of the drop of each liquid and observed which made the highest.  We validated the data by putting in 50 drops of each liquid into graduated cylinder to measure the volume.  We will be whiteboarding our ideas and explanations.


exploring liquids

We are going to have more fun in exploring in the next few days!


Go Huskies! Go Vikings!