Fastbridge Testing - Headphones!

Posted by Hannah Atkinson on 9/15/2019

Hello HBMS parents, 

Our district is in the process of switching from the MAP test to a different test called Fastbridge. Your student has already completed 1 of 4 very short tests this past week in their Language Arts class. This Tuesday, September 17th we will take a 30 minute long Math assessment. We will again be assessing students briefly on September 24th and 26th. Students need a pair of earbuds/headphones to listen to the testing proctor for each of these upcoming assessments. Please remind your student to bring their earbuds/headphones to school with them on Tuesday.  (note: they cannot be bluetooth headphones, they must plug into the chromebook). Headphones/earbuds are on the school supply list and will be needed several times throughout the year. If you have not yet purchased headphones for your student, the Dollar Store or Five Below are great places to get them for cheap!