I'm Back...and It's March! (March 2, 2020)

Posted by Michael Starnes on 3/2/2020

Today's Objective: start those CERs!



  • Tie Up Last Week
    • Did we finish everything?
      • Golden Age of Athens Worksheet
      • Ancient Civ. For Kids - Greece Questions
      • Sparta/Athens Research Document
  • Sparta/Athens CER (Claim-Evidence-Reasoning)
    • We're going to write this together...kind of...(my link)
    • Open up your research document AND your Sparta/Athens CER assignment (Google Classroom)
    • Introduction
      • I do, you do
    • Topic #1
      • We do...kind of...
    • Topic #2
      • You do...kind of...


  • You need to have last week's work done by Wednesday!