Band Lessons Begin

Posted by Keith Hulen on 9/4/2017

Small group lessons begin this week. Students will receive a paper copy of the lesson schedule in band Tuesday September 5. This schedule should go in the outside front cover of their band binder. The schedule will also be posted in Google Classroom anouncements. We will begin lessons with reviewing each student's Units of Study and procedures for completing each one.

As stated in the band handbook:

Lesson Procedure

Band students are required to report to their classroom teacher prior to leaving for their band lesson. At that time, students will turn in any homework that is due and present their band pass. After band lessons, students will return to class to check for any assignments, get homework, etc. It is the responsibility of the student to remember their lesson times each week. The weekly lesson assignments and Units of Study are to be practiced and mastered to the best of your ability by the next group lesson. This time is used to focus on individual work in your full band music as well as completing Units of Study.


Band students will have one 40-minute band lesson during the school day. This lesson is worth 100 points based on their lesson rubric. Students will develop music reading skills, improve instrumental technique, and receive detailed instruction on various musical concepts. Students are expected to complete weekly assignments as part of their Unit of Study. The Unit of Study (100 points) is a summative checklist of items that must all be completed in order to receive a grade for the unit that a student is working towards. There are 40 units with the first unit beginning in fifth grade band and continuing through the eighth grade year of band. These units are mostly self-paced, however, a portion of the summative grade for each trimester is determined by the minimum number of units passed during each term. One Unit of Study is due for each term except the 6th term where the final playing exam/Placement audition replaces the Unit of Study.


Speaking of the band handbook, have you reviewed it and added the dates to your calander? Did you submit the Google form information afterwards? If you have not please click on this link: 

Band Handbook





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