Week of Oct. 15-19, 2019

Posted by Karen Skorup on 10/16/2018

Monday,  - Motivational Monday - Kid Speakers (videos)

10/15 Goal: To apply associative and commutative properties and solve with accuracy.

  • Lesson review/sketch notes
  • practive solving proble,s with order of operations
  • word problem practice
  • HW: ws 17 & 27

Technology Tuesday- explore Google Earth

10/16 Goal: To add and subtract decimals with at least 80% accuracy

  • Add/Subtract decimal quiz
  • No HW

Wacky Wednesday - online math games (the really wacky part was that the website was blocked for the kids! Sorry!) 

10/17 Goal: To define fractions, oarts of fractions, and review how to multiply fractions. 

HW: Practice math flashcards online . 

Thinking Thursday - Music for Healthy Brains "Symphony No. 4 in G Minor" Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Goal: Students will accurately compute mulitplication computation problems with whole numbers and fractions.

  • Lesson 7.1 Fractions x Whole Numbers
  • Lesson 7.2 Fractions x Fractions
  • HW: WS 7.1A Odd #'s   WS 7.2A Even #'s

Fun Friday - FIELD TRIP  :)