Week of Oct. 8-12, 2018

Posted by Karen Skorup on 10/10/2018

Monday, 10/8: No School

Tuesday, 10/9 Tech Tuesday - www.mathplayground.com

Goal: To accurately compute multi-digit decimal addition and subtraction problems.

  • Tech Tuesday games
  • Lesson & practice
  • HW - WS #1, all problems

Wednesday, 10/10 Wacky Wednesday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IZ1bX1MvdM then use sketch notes to jot down the 8 most interesting to you

Goal: To accurately estimate decimal addition problems. To discover the properties of addition and multiplication

  • Wacky Wednesday 
  • Lesson - rounding decimals to whole numbers then find the sum.
  • Lesson - Sketch Notes to illustrate the properties of addition and subtraction (Commutative and Associative)
  • HW - Finish W.W video & notes