Week of Sept. 24-28, 2017

Posted by Karen Skorup on 9/24/2018

Monday, 9/24:

Goal - To review mulitplication with decimals, complete tech time assignment, & create math portfolios.

  • Math notes - process when multiplying with decimals
  • Tech Time - Freckle assignment
  • Math protfolio 

HW - Tic-Tac-Math, complete 3 problems per page in tic-tac-toe pattern. At least one problem must be a word problem.

Tuesday, 9/25:

Goal - To apply accurate multiplication skills to solving problems.

  • Small group review/reteach
  • HW - WS 4.1A

Wedensday, 9/26:

Goal - To understand decimal place value in order to accurately represent solutions in computation problems (shortened class due to Resource Force presentation)

  • HW - WS 4.1A (6 more problems)

Thursday, 9/27:

Goal - To view Khan Academy videos and work through examples of multiplying decimals.

  • Videos & Practice problems
  • No HW

Please check StudentVue/Parent Vue and complete any missing assignments. These must be completed and turned in tomorrow since it is the end of the first term!

Friday, 9/28:

Goal -