Week of Sept. 10-14

Posted by Karen Skorup on 9/13/2018

Monday, 9/10

  • Review factors and multiples, complete sketch notes
  • Practice multipliples - skip counting - understanding the patterns and application 

Tuesday, 9/11

  • CIrcle back to Divisibility Rules


Wedensday, 9/12

  • Divisibility Rules game with partner - this game demands that the students logically think about a 2 digit number they will create based on the factor spun on the spinner. Winner scores the most points
  • HW: Practice x facts

Thursday, 9/13

  • Divisibility game with new partner (today some students revised their strategies to get more points!)
  • Operations practice - all 4 operations
  • HW: textbook p. 6 (5-10) (17-23)

Friday, 9/14

  • Factor game with partner
  • Focus on long division - written work, using manipulatives, watching a video and practicing online. 
  • No HW - enjoy the beautiful weekend!