September 15, 2016

Posted by Teresa Wolf on 9/15/2016

This week, we have been busy starting our Project Lead the Way units in K-5th grade.  

  • The 5th graders started learning about all types of robots.  We are using an app called Robots (free) throughout the whole year.  The students started exploring the app and deciding what type of robot they would like to learn more about in the next few weeks.  The students are so excited to be starting the robot unit.
  • The 4th graders got a sneak peek into the final build for their Energy unit.  The students starting brainstorming possible designs for their bumper cars that will hold a raw egg and collide against a wall.
  • The 3rd graders started their flight unit.  They designed their own paper airplane to start noticing how it flies and how it changes when they make changes to their designs.
  • The 2nd graders observed what happens to an icepop when it sets out for the hour.  They heard the introduction story that set the excitement to understanding that they will have to try to keep the icepop frozen for an hour with their design.  At the end of the unit, they will be designing a cooler.
  • The 1st graders reviewed and watched a quick clip about what engineers do.  They then heard the introduction story to their Light and Sound unit.  The students received their Launch Log where they drew a picture of the problem that they are going to have to solve at the end of the unit.
  • The kindergarteners are learning about structure and function of items that were designed by an engineer.  They noticed the similiarites between items that have the same functions.  I will be posting pictures of them with their engineer hats on next week.