Week 5-Remote Learning(April 27-30)

Posted by Teresa Wolf on 4/27/2020 8:00:00 AM

Kindergarten-2nd grade:

Listen to the book, “Happy Dreamer” by Peter Reynolds with this link:


I am going to try to SeeSaw you with me reading that book so you can pick which one you want to watch.

Then draw or create something that shows what kind of a dreamer you are. Please post a picture or a video on SeeSaw or email me at tawolf@d47.org.  I can’t wait to see what kind of dreamer you are.  It can be one that is not mentioned in the book too!  If you post a picture on SeeSaw, please make sure to tell me what kind of a dreamer you are and why you think that.


3rd and 4th grade:

I am bringing back a build project from 2nd grade:

You can watch this video to give you some hints and pointers to making it better. It also tells you the science behind the project.

https://youtu.be/ocJSCmKyhK8 (This link will be in your Google Classroom STEM)

In 2nd grade, we made a cooler with a partner that had to keep an ice pop frozen for an hour.  What if we use an ice cube and we keep it in our cooler for 90 minutes?  What if we put it by a sunny window or outside?  It could be a very small cooler because it only has to hold an ice cube.  Maybe it is a cube shape with a cube inside!

You can post a picture of your cooler in our Google Classroom STEM or SeeSaw.  Or you can have your parents email it to me at tawolf@d47.org.  I can’t wait to see what you will create with the materials that you have at home.


Optional activity:

There will be a coding assignment in Tynker if you would rather code.  It starts easy and gets trickier.  It might help you to learn some new coding concepts.


5th grade:

This week, you are going to go back on the https://vr.vex.com/ but either coding a Basketball Drill or a Robot Dance Party.  I linked some resource sheets in our STEM Google Classroom.  If you get it completed, you can either share it with me after you save it into your drive or make a video and send it to me at tawolf@d47.org.  I can’t wait to see what you create with these different playgrounds for the virtual robot.