Week 3-Remote Learning (April 13-16)

Posted by Teresa Wolf on 4/12/2020 4:00:00 PM

Kindergarten-2nd grade:

This week activity needs permission from parents first since it requires getting objects wet.  You will be testing objects in your house to see what sinks and floats. Are there properties that make it able to float or sink?  What would an apple do? What about wax paper or foil? What about a lego or a block?


Can you make an object that sinks be able to float? What did you do?

Can you make a boat out of supplies at home that will float and hold pennies as passengers?

Please share with me on SeeSaw what you find out or if you try the challenges too.  Or you can email me at tawolf@d47.org.

3rd-5th grade:

This week, we are going to do some coding on Tynker.  You will have a free account on Tynker until the end of May.  Please see Google Classroom STEM for the link and log-in directions for your class.  You will have to enter a class code to gain access. You will be able to save your progress since you will have a specific log-in.  You will see new coding games and activities. You can explore and code whatever interests you this week. If you have problems logging in, remember to private message me through Google Classroom or have your parents email me at tawolf@d47.org.