Week 2-Remote Learning (April 7-9)

Posted by Teresa Wolf on 4/6/2020 8:00:00 AM



Kindergarten-2nd grade:

This week, I have a couple different options that you can pick from or you can do them both, if you want.  


Option 1:  Egg Tower or Egg Support

The idea is to build a structure that will hold a plastic egg or a candy one on top without   If you don’t have an egg, it can hold anything on top. You can use playdough, toothpicks, foil, paper, popsicle sticks, straws, legos or anything that you have at home that would work for this challenge.


Option 2:

Make an egg shaped lego design or basket.  If you do not have lego, you could make a paper basket that can hold something inside.  It needs to have a handle too!


3rd-4th grade:

Challenge:  Transport an egg (plastic or candy) safely down a zipline.

They can use any materials they can find to build the basket and the attachment system to the string or yarn.  It’s completely up to you how long you want to make your zipline and where it is located.

Some options might be making the basket that holds the egg out of lego pieces, egg carton, pipe cleaners, yogurt container or old plastic egg halves.


The challenge is to get the plastic egg to the end of the zipline undamaged and safely in the basket at the end.  If you don’t have an egg, it can be anything small that would fit in your basket.


Extra challenge:  Can it hold weight and travel safely down your zipline?

Could you make it a race challenge with two ziplines side by side?

Have fun!  I can’t wait to hear from you in Google Classroom STEM with the Flipgrid report, SeeSaw STEM or you can email me a picture or video to tawolf@d47.org

5th grade:

Wow!  I had some great Rube Goldberg videos and drawings last week.  I was so impressed! This week, I would like you to make a penny or coin bridge.  Please go into Google Classroom STEM for more details. I will have an optional activity in there too encase you do not have enough pennies or coins for this activity.  There is no worries or stress with this! I look forward to seeing what you figure out with this project.