Homework Tips

Posted by Jamie Moore on 1/18/2018

When your child is the one responsible for doing their homework, they will form good habits that will benefit them throughout their school career. Hope you will find some of the following tips to be useful in assisting them:

Your child's job: Let them choose the ususal place and time for homework. That will make them more likely to stick with a  routine. For  example, they      may want to work at the table after school to do their math, then use their bedroom chair for their reading after dinner. 

How to help: Make sure that your family's evening activities don't interfere with homework time. From time to time, ask them if they need more supplies, such as pencils, earasers, markers or glue. 

Your child's job: They should be able to tackle homework on their own. Not only will this help them learn, it will also show the teacher how well they understand the material. 

How to help: If your child gets stuck, suggest that they reread the directions or look for examples that are similar in their book. Offer to play study games or make up an additional study guide. Also, check to see if their homework is finished. 

Your child's job: It is up to them to hand in the completed work. They can find a way to remind themself, maybe by posting a note on their backpack or in their assignment notebook. Also, if they have something signed such as a permission slip or money to turn in, give them a gentle reminder in the morning before school. 

How to help: Together, choose a visable spot to keep their backpack, lunch box and anything else that they need for school. Have them check thier backpack on Friday after school rather than Sunday night in case their are things to complete.