Day 1 3-31-20

Posted by Lori Hoffman on 3/31/2020 8:00:00 AM


Tuesday, March 31st

Day #1 (each day will take 90 minutes to complete)

English Version


Go to SeeSaw for links.



(20 minutes)


(30 minutes)

Writing and Speaking

(15 minutes)

Social studies

(15 minutes)


(10 minutes)

Chromebook Math:

-use Freckle and complete assignment called Fractions - Word Problems: Addition

Click on the link to see me reading our read aloud as a video

The War That Saved My Life Ch 1-2

-Read 20 Minutes on your own or use a chromebook app.

Show and Tell on Seesaw

Find something at home you would like to share with the class and post a video on Seesaw to share with the class.

Go on Seesaw and complete the assignment: Label the World Map .

Movement activity

Pick an activity for PE

Click here for encores