Weekly News 10-25-19

Posted by Lori Hoffman on 10/25/2019 2:00:00 PM


As a reminder, Parent Teacher Conferences will be held in November.  I am excited to share your student's progress thus far, as well as the goals they have for continued progress.  (Remember we want your student present at conferences to share their achievements and goals.) 


This year's conferences will be held:


                                     Wednesday, November 20th      5:00pm-8:00pm

                                     Monday, November 25th    12:00pm-8:00pm

                                     Tuesday, November 26th 8:00am-11:00am


Please log in to ParentVue and choose CONFERENCE from the left hand menu to choose a day and time that works for you and your student(s).  (If you have more than one student you will have to select each student separately to choose a date a time for a conference.) Your response will be automatically submitted to the teacher, while at the same time marking that time slot filled. (The time slots visible when you login are the only time slots currently available.) If you need to change the time of your conference, log back in to ParentVue, choose CONFERENCE, unselect your current time which will then allow you to choose a new time.


If you would like to have an encore (Art, LMC, Music, PE or STEM), speech, reading teacher, or social worker included in your conference, please contact your child's homeroom teacher so she can make arrangements for that individual to be present.  

Please contact your teacher or the main office if you have any questions or concerns.



Coventry's 2019-2020 yearbook orders can now be placed. The price of this year's yearbook is $13.54. To purchase a yearbook please go to https://tr5.treering.com/validate and enter your school’s passcode:101416421426234. A 10% discount will be applied if your yearbook order is placed by October 31st.


Teacher Note

Please remember to check your child’s home folder and assignment notebook. 


We look forward to celebrating the traditions of the fall season at school and thank you in advance for working with us. Here are a few reminders in preparation for Halloween. As you and your child plan a costume for the school day, please keep in mind the following:


  • Your child should bring his/her costume to school in a bag on October 31, 2018.
  • Students may not wear costumes or make-up that may be frightening or inappropriate for elementary age children. We reserve the right to alter student costumes if we deem them inappropriate.
  • Children will need to change into their costume without assistance and only have a short time to get costumes on or off.  It’s best to keep your costume simple for school.
  • For safety reasons we are asking that all pointed or sharp objects be left at home to wear with their costume at another time.
  • Please remember that students are not allowed to bring any type of play weapon to school as part of their costume.
  • The students and staff will have a short parade walking around the school beginning at 2:15. (Weather Permitting). Parents are welcome to attend the parade.


Thank you for your support. Your cooperation in making Halloween fun, safe and organized for our children is greatly appreciated.


We have completed several multiplication quizzes. The unit 2 math test will be next Friday. Please remember your child can practice math at home using the computer programs Reflex and Freckle. Your child’s passwords are glued inside of their assignment notebook. 

Language Arts

We read about hurricanes this week and read the story, Thunder Cake. We summarized stories and identified the point of view. In fourth grade we introduce third person limited POV and third person omniscient (all knowing). 

Social Studies

We finished the Northeast. Next week we will begin studying rocks and minerals during science. 



31 Halloween Parade