Weekly News 5-17-19

Posted by Lori Hoffman on 5/17/2019 3:50:00 PM


Field Day Message

Parents please note that lunches delivered to parents and students from restaurants will not be allowed on field day.  Our office staff cannot accept deliveries with all the check-ins and other tasks required on that day. Thanks for your help!



The class continues to work on our last math unit for the year, geometry. We practice naming triangles by angles and sides. The students will be using a protractor to measure angles. I also introduced complementary and supplementary angles. We worked on triangles.  The students reviewed acute and obtuse and they also learned about equilateral, isosceles, and scalene triangles. We will continue working on geometry next week.

Language Arts

This week we have thought about our year in fourth grade and we have written a letter to the future fourth graders. Next year will be an adventure but this advice will their fourth grade year great.We read a story and learned about service dogs.  The students loved making text-to-self connections about their own experiences with dogs and whether their pets would make good service animals or not.



Did you see the terrariums? They are really thriving. We will continue to make growth observations next week. Check out SeeSaw and see the growth our terrariums have made. The live bugs are here. We have so many more experiments to complete before fourth grade is over. We started reading about the southwest region of the United States. We will be testing on the states and capitals next Thursday.  We also observed isopods and darkling beetles.

Pizza Party Next Week

Look for the permission slip.


Important Dates


24 Field Day

27 No School

29 Field Day Rain Date

30 Last PBIS Assembly

31 5th Grade Celebration 3:30-5


4 Last Day for Kindy

5 Last Day 1-5 2pm Dismissal

Incoming Kindy Screening

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