News 2-7-20

Posted by Lindsey Copley on 2/6/2020 4:00:00 PM


Bingo Baskets

Fourth grade is collecting beach and pool things, gift cards, and hair accessories for the bingo baskets to be raffled at BINGO night. We appreciate your help!


Kindness Party

Your child is welcome to pass out Valentine’s on February 14th. Please make sure they include everyone in the class. I sent home a class list earlier in the week. 


Kindness Week- Spirit Wear

Monday-Say Yell-ow  (wear yellow) 

Say hello to a new friend and ask them their name.

Tuesday-Team Up with a New Friend  (wear your favorite 

team) Find a new friend to play or work with

Wednesday-Dream of Kindness  (wear pajamas)

Think happy thoughts and share your dreams

Thursday-Be a True Blue Friend (wear blue to show we 

include everyone) 

Compliment a friend

Friday- Happy Valentine’s Day!  (wear red and pink)

Pass out Valentines and sprinkle kindness


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Chuck E Cheese Night

February 7: Chuck E. Cheese Night, 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm



This week we started learning about quadrilaterals. We learned how to classify them by parallel sides and right angles. 


Language Arts

Your child read the myth, Hercules’ Quest. The class is studying story elements for fables, folktales, myths, fairy tales, and tall tales. The students are enjoying learning about traditional literature. Students also started rewriting a fable using the program, Book Creator on the chromebooks using the story’s plot line as a guide. 



Students completed an investigation on how to light a light bulb. We are learning many new terms such as electrical components, filament, and D-Cell battery.