News 12-13-19

Posted by Lindsey Copley on 12/13/2019 8:00:00 AM

Teacher Message

We will have a holiday party on Friday, December 20th. Your child is welcome to bring in an extra snack for our afternoon celebration. As you know, we can't share food at school due to allergies. Thanks for your help with this. It should be a great winter celebration with games, crafts, and music. 


We continue to work on chapter 4. This chapter focuses on order of operations and solving two step story problems.  We have discussed the comparison problems, how to write a solution equation and a situation equation. We are requiring students to write an equation with a variable and the answer with a unit.

Language Arts

We have been reading biographies and we recently read about Cesar Chavez. He was a great leader and helped to make farm working conditions better for migrant workers. Students used text evidence to write a pros constructed response. 

Social Studies

This week we have been studying for our social studies test. We also have been playing a geography game on the southeast.