Middle of The Year

Posted by Nelle Conley on 12/20/2019

Hello again!


I thought I would do a small update on what we have been doing in music thus far! The fifth graders made it through their musical and were EXCELLENT!!! I am unbelievably proud and lucky that I had such an amazing group to work with. Forth graders worked on xylophones and creating their own compositions for the instruments, as well as starting recorder karate! We will resume on the recorders after break and we're all very excited about that. The third graders have been working on note identification as well as xylophones! After break, we will hit the ground running on our Spring Musical! It is going to be a really fun show called "Go Fish!" that takes place under the sea! I'm excited to work with these kids and know the show will be awesome. The second graders have been working on note and rhythm notation and dictation, as well as learning lots of fun games! We just recently finished learning about The Nutcracker! First graders and kindergarteners have been learning simple rhythmic and notation identification with a lot of games and songs! We will continue to deepen our learning after break. I hope everyone has a restful holiday break and I can't wait to see everyone when we get back!


-Miss Conley