Classroom Update

Posted by Adam Clavey on 5/3/2019

Classroom Update

April 29th - May 10th

Reading: After finishing our poetry at the beginning of the week, we have moved on to informational texts.  At the end of the year, we will be revisiting opinion texts and narrative non-fiction. We will be working on craft and structure by looking at text structure, tone, and mood.

Writing: We finished revising and editing an opinion piece.  Next week we will be revising an editing a narrative piece from the 2nd trimester.  We will be making sure we are using figurative language and that our stories have a clear plot.

Math:  Unit 7 assessments have been handed back.  Many students did very well with the graphing portion of the test.  Overall, students did not perform as expected with expressions based on previous quizzes and practice.  After reviewing, I gave another quiz on expressions, and students did much better. In unit 8 is all about measurement and geometry.

S.S./Sci: This week students completed two experiments involving levers.  They explored the relationship between effort and where the parts of the lever are located.  Next week we will be taking a quiz on class-1 levers. We will then switch to two weeks of social studies.


  • The District 47 Student Art Show open house reception is tonight!

  • May 3-14th is the Barn Nursery Shop N Share.

  • May 7th is the Spring Band Concert at LMS.

  • May 9th is Open House/Academic Night.

  • May 15th is an early release day.

  • May 15th is the Chick-fil-A Restaurant Night Fundraiser.

  • May 22nd is Fly Up Day.

  • May 24th is the end of year 5th-grade celebration at Xtreme Wheels

  • May 27th there is no school.