January 7th-18th

Posted by Adam Clavey on 1/21/2019

Classroom Update

January 7th-18th


Reading: In Unit four we are revisiting narrative texts.  We are learning about story elements, specifically plot.  We are also learning how authors use figurative language to enhance their writing.  We will also be working on identifying the theme of texts and finding the meaning of unknown words.

Writing: We are taking the concepts learned in reading narratives and applying it to our writing.  We will be writing narrative pieces, focusing on description and use of figurative language.

Math: We revisited Unit 3, coming back from winter break.  We made test corrections and reviewed key concepts from the unit.  Assessments will be sent home this week. Unit 4 covers division and multiplication with larger numbers and decimals.  We will first focus on two-digit by two-digit multiplication.

S.S./Sci: Mixtures and Solutions is our new science unit.  We are learning the difference between mixtures and solutions and discovering how to separate them.  We will also be learning about the saturation and concentration of solutions.


  • Do not forget to sign up for Seesaw.  We will begin posting updates there soon, so don’t miss out!
  • Wednesday, January 23rd is an early release day.
  • Family Math Night at Jewel Osco in Crystal Lake is February 26th from 6-7: 30 pm.