December 10 - 21

Posted by Adam Clavey on 12/21/2018 4:00:00 PM

Classroom Update

December 10 - 21


Reading: In Unit three we have been focusing on informational texts.  We have been practicing the skills of identifying the author’s purpose and summarizing.  Last week we read The Quest for the Tree Kangaroo.  This week we will be analyzing texts from the past two weeks to answer questions.

Writing: We began a short informational piece last week based on Looking Closely by Frank Serafini.  The students will be finishing their piece and presenting to the class this week.

Math: We are finishing up Unit 3 this week.  Unit 3 focused on multiplying fractions and mixed numbers.  It covered dividing with unit fractions. It also reviewed adding, subtracting, and comparing fractions.

S.S./Sci: We just finished chapter 6 which covered the early English colonies of Roanoke, Jamestown, and Plymouth.  We will take a break from social studies and will begin a new unit of science when we return from break.


  • This week is Spirit Week.  Students may dress up according to the following days:
    • Tuesday - Crazy Sweater Day
    • Wednesday - Holiday Sock and Hat Day
    • Thursday - Holiday T-Shirt Day
    • Friday - Dress Your Best Day
  • Do not forget to sign up for Seesaw.  We will begin posting updates there soon, so don’t miss out!

District 47 will be giving the 5Essentials survey to all parents, staff and 4th-8th-grade students this year. If you have not yet, there is still time to take the survey.