October 29th - November 9th

Posted by Adam Clavey on 11/9/2018

Classroom Update
October 22nd - 26th

Reading: Opinion is a significant focus in Unit two. We have been reading opinion articles, trying to identify the author’s opinion, reasons, and evidence. We have also been analyzing the author’s tone and word choice.

Writing: We are currently working on a piece from the prompt, “I appreciate ___ because of ___”. We came up with two reasons and two examples to support each reason. This week we practice writing different introductions. We will be finishing the piece next week.

Math: We are reviewing decimal place value while beginning to learn about fraction multiplication. While reviewing the unit two tests, I noticed a few things I wanted to reteach concerning place value. We will be taking a decimal place value quiz next week. That quiz will factor into the unit two test grade.

S.S./Sci. The catapult investigation has been finished, bringing our variables unit to a close. We will do a little review and take a quiz next week. We will be moving on to a new unit of social studies next.

District 47 will be giving the 5Essentials survey to all parents, staff and 4th-8th-grade students this year. While the staff and student survey aren’t available until mid-November, the parent survey is now open. Go here to take the survey
District 47 is proud to support the Crystal Lake Food Pantry and looks forward to participating in the 2018 Community Harvest Food Drive. The food drive will run from 10/29-11/13.
Our South Senator project that runs from November 14- December 14 is collecting new hats, scarves, mittens, and gloves for those in need. These items will be donated for distribution to Turning Point in Woodstock. Please have your donations to school by Friday, December 14th. Please put any donations on the tree in the front entrance way. Thank you for your help in making this project successful! Each person who donates gets 5 Sabre bucks!