Remote Learning, Wednesday, May 13th

Posted by Melissa Wolf on 5/13/2020 8:20:00 AM

Good Morning, 


**Below you will find the activities and links to the assignments scheduled for today. All directions are in the Google Slideshow AND in Google Classroom.  Please remind your child to read through the slides and read the instruction section in Google Classroom.  Everything they need is there. 


You will also find a link to the Encore activities. 


9:00 am Zoom to start our day! 


Daily Announcements:

Wednesday, May 13th



Visit our Daily Slides for assignments in Google Classroom Daily Slides 5/13



You have two options this week:

You can design by drawing or making an Earth-friendly sneaker.  You will see possible supplies and ideas on this link:

Can you wear your sneaker design inside or outside?  Do they stay on your feet?


Or you can design something that reminds you of your time spent at West or elementary school.  Can you make it STEMy?  You can use materials to build it or be techy.  Maybe it’s making a new logo for West or STEM?  Maybe it’s an iMovie or a video? This is an out of box thinking project.  I have not done this before but I know you are so creative.

You can share your designs in Google Classroom STEM in Flipgrid or an image into a Google Document or email me at


I can’t wait to see how creative and out of the box you think about this week’s STEM challenge!

Thanks and have a great day!

Mrs. Wolf