Winter Break Update

Posted by Kristina Wooden on 12/20/2019

Happy Friday and welcome to Winter Break!!  Just a few things to make sure you are all in the loop as we all take a well-deserved rest:


Should students practice over the break?      YES

Why?                        Because taking 2+ weeks off will cause regression  of not only concepts but most especially muscles and fine motor skills

What should students practice?        

  • All students have 3 new pieces of band music

  • All students have an assignment for their Technique Class

  • Chromatic Scale!  All students have a quiz on this after the break.

  • Winter Break BINGO!!  Each student received a Bingo sheet they can complete over the break.  This is optional, but a great idea to do! Students who complete 1-2 Bingos on the sheet are entered into our drawing 1 time.  3-4 Bingos will enter them 2 times, and 5+ Bingos will be 3 entries. One student from each band will receive a surprise prize.  A PARENT SIGNATURE MUST BE FILLED IN TO TURN IN FOR CREDIT.



We also referenced our annual Step Up Night during the concert.  Quinlan and Fabish will be providing stepped-up brass and woodwind instruments for students to try in our cafeteria on Thursday, January 16 from 6:00-8:00 PM.  As students progress in their performing skills, they begin to outgrow their beginning level instruments.  Beginning instruments are built to survive the bumps and bruises that are inevitable in fifth grade. More advanced instruments use higher quality materials and are designed to accommodate the increased air capacity of older students.  This is a very low-pressure event. Q&F staff will be on hand to answer any business questions while Mr. LoPresto and Mrs. Wooden will be there to answer any music related questions and offer opinions if asked. Whether you’re in the very early stages of thinking about an upgrade or are ready to make that move, it’s a great opportunity to try things out.  It’s free to attend and can be a lot of fun for students to explore.


Tri-M 7th and 8th Graders who have completed and turned in their minimum 5 service hours by today were given an invitation to our Membership Presentation Ceremony on January 22nd. This invitation is for members AND their family and friends.  Please join us for this ceremony. This event is a very special evening and we ask that all members and attendees dress up for the evening.

We wish you a wonderful winter break, and a fantastic holiday season with those you love.