November 8 Band Update

Posted by Richard Lopresto on 11/8/2019

Happy Friday!


We have a long update this week, please do read all the way to the end.



As a reminder, our first band department concert is just around the corner on Tuesday, November 12 in the main gym at Bernotas MS.  The concert will begin at 7:00 pm. All band students are expected to be set up and ready to warm up as a group by 6:30 pm...this means a good arrival goal time for students would be 6:20 pm.  Sixth Grade Band will report for warm up in the band room and Seventh and Eighth Grade will report for warm up in the cafeteria. Students are expected to arrive fully dressed in their concert band uniform.  Parents, please refer to the handout if you need help ensuring your student is dressed properly. With about 110 students in the band program, the band directors cannot help each individual student put on a bow tie, fix dress shirt studs, or button shirt sleeves.  Additionally, now is the time to check to see if your student’s black dress shoes fit and to locate those black socks or black tights. Please, make sure socks are NOT anklet socks. If not, please make sure they have a pair of black dress shoes BEFORE our concert date!


UPDATE 2 ON TUXEDO SHIRTS:  They were delivered to school on Wednesday and were sent home on Thursday.  If you ordered a NEW tuxedo shirt and have not seen it yet, please ask your student where it is currently located!  We highly recommend washing first to help with the “new shirt wrinkles.” Please remove the black studs prior to washing so they don’t go down the drain.  After drying, the studs get reinstalled from the inside toward the outside. The small rounded side is what should be visible from the front, not the large flat base.  Installing backwards, while it might be easier, will result in what we call the “Frosty the Snowman Look.” Please don’t be a snowperson!


Attached, you will also find photos of some very amateur models we found, demonstrating how to wear the uniform.  Of particular note are the fit of the bow tie, cummerbund, and the length of the slacks or skirt. The Symphonic Band vests have been changed since the photos were taken, but you’ll get the idea.  You will also find attached a second copy of the shoe sample page we sent home with the uniforms in September.


Cadet Picture:

Concert Picture:

Symphonic Picture:



You made it to the end!  Yay! Have a great weekend!