November 1 Band Update

Posted by Richard Lopresto on 11/1/2019

Happy Friday!


We have a long update this week, please do read all the way to the end.



All the best to 8th grader Viki, who won an audition to participate in the ILMEA District 7 Junior Band tomorrow!  This is quite a prestigious event, and we are very proud of her being able to represent Bernotas. Way to go!



This week, all the bands recorded their current progress on the concert music.  In class, we listened back so each student had a chance to experience the “big picture.”  Yesterday, a response form was sent through Google Classroom for answering questions promoting practice strategies.  The response to the form is due by Sunday night at 11:59 PM. We’ve already gotten some responses from each class (yay!).  Please ask your student if theirs has been completed yet and if not, encourage that to be completed sooner than later. This assignment will be worth 10 points in the gradebook.



Concert week will be here before we know it.  Please have your student try on their pants/skirt with their dress shoes to check the hem.  The top of the pants/skirt should be at the waist, not the hips. An appropriate hem will be within 1” of their dress shoes.  If the hem needs to be let down or taken up please do that sooner rather than later so there is no panicking before our November concert. We included a suggestion for someone (included in the packet that went home!) who does hemming right here at the school if no one in your family is able or interested in doing in.  



As a reminder, our first band department concert is just around the corner on Tuesday, November 12 in the main gym at Bernotas MS.  The concert will begin at 7pm. All band students are expected to be set up and ready to warm up as a group by 6:30pm...this means a good arrival goal time for students would be 6:20pm.  Students are expected to arrive fully dressed in their concert band uniform. Parents, please refer to the handout if you need help ensuring your student is dressed properly. With about 110 students in the band program, the band directors cannot help each individual student put on a bow tie, fix dress shirt studs, or button shirt sleeves.  Additionally, now is the time to check to see if your student’s black dress shoes fit. If not, please make sure they have a pair of black dress shoe BEFORE our concert date!


UPDATE ON TUXEDO SHIRTS:  There was a holdup between our purchasing department and the vendor, but our shirts have officially shipped.  Students who ordered a tuxedo shirt will have them next week as we are expecting the deliveries on Wednesday.



Please continue to work with your student on those reminders to bring instruments home each day and back to school in the morning.  Larger instruments do have specific storage locations in the band room to be used between arrival in the morning and dismissal after school.  Please do not ask your student to leave instruments in the office, or please do not bring your child’s instrument to school later in the morning and leave it in the office.  We have the two greatest school secretaries ever and they don’t have the space or time to house and deliver instruments.


Assignments and band music can’t get practiced if the instruments are left here overnight.  We want to help all our students succeed but good home habits go a long way toward meeting those goals.  While every student might forget once or twice, we are concerned about the instruments that are consistently staying here.  


To help remind students who are leaving their instruments on a regular basis, we are going to begin issuing parking tickets on cases we find in the morning.  After three tickets, minor referrals will also be issued.  If you have noticed a lack of music being played in your home, please ask your student about the location of their instrument!



The first trimester grading period ends on November 8th.  All band students will be assessed on the completion of their first Unit of Study.  In addition, 8th grade Symphonic Band students are being assessed on a 6 scale test that is due by November 8th.  These assessments occur in Technique Classes, making it imperative that students attend these classes. Grades for students who have completed the first Unit of Study and the 6 scale test are entered into the gradebook.  Currently, students who have not completed it have no grade. A grade will be added upon completion or at the end of the Trimester, whichever comes first.


You made it to the end!  Have a great weekend!