Posted by Kristina Wooden on 9/20/2019

Happy Friday!

Here is an update of what has happened so far:



At this point, we have completed fitting our band students for their concert uniforms.  Uniforms have come home in the blue garment bags. Students who needed to order tuxedo shirts or pants will receive those as soon as they are delivered to the school.  Please have your student try on their pants/skirt with their dress shoes to check that the hem. The top of the pants/skirt should be at the waist, not the hips. An appropriate hem will be within 1” of their dress shoes.  If the hem needs to be let down or taken up please do that sooner rather than later so there is no panicking before our November concert. We included a suggestion for someone (included in the packet that went home!) who does hemming right here at the school if no one in your family is able or interested in doing in.  



Speaking of the packet, the bottom quarter of the front page, along with the indicated money, is due on MONDAY.  Checks can be written to District 47.  Those ordering new tuxedo shirts or ladies pants will receive them in plenty of time before the concert.



Students renting instruments from the school received rental contracts.  Please return them asap...payment will be made through ParentVue.



Both our jazz groups are up and running!  This is a great bunch of musicians to work with!



Tomorrow in Northbrook will be the Illinois Music Education Association (ILMEA) District 7 Junior Concert and Jazz Band auditions.  SIX of our students have been working hard and will audition for a spot in either a concert or jazz band. There are over 400 students auditioning for the coveted spots in each group. We are SO proud of Trinity, Alex, Linnea, Viki, Sofia, and Elise and wish them all the best!!



At this point, your students all have access to Google Classroom and Smart Music.  7th and 8th graders have used these platforms before; 6th graders will begin using them more in-depth in the coming weeks.  These are great resources in our department!


Have a great weekend!