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Visitor Management System! Please Read if Visiting the School!

Effective January 4, 2016, a new visitor management system will be in place in all D47 schools. Visitors will be required to bring a U.S.-issued state ID or driver’s license when visiting their child’s school for any period of time. The ID will be scanned to check visitors against a sex-offender database prior to granting them access to a building. The purpose of this initiative is to expedite and enhance existing security procedures for the safety of students and staff. The new electronic system being implemented is used in many surrounding school districts and will replace the current sign-in system. 

Once scanned, the information will be stored so visitors will not be required to present identification on future visits. The new process pertains only to visits beyond the main office during the school day while students are present. It does not apply when parents or others are simply dropping off a forgotten item or picking up a student from school.