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Coventry Renovation Project

On December 18, 2018, the Board of Education approved a Coventry renovation project with a estimated budget of $18.4 million. Following a mandated Health / Life Safety inspection completed in 2016, the District learned that Coventry is in need of significant updates to the walls and ceilings of the original portion of the building. Over the past several months, District 47 and the board have researched various ways to complete the work involving minimal disruption to the learning environment for both students and staff and falling within budget parameters. While many of the details are still being worked out, the following has been determined:  

  • The main level interior walls and ceilings of the original part of Coventry will be removed and rebuilt.
  • Coventry is not closing; classrooms will be relocated to mobile classroom units for the 2019/20 school year on Coventry’s property.
  • Demolition of the interior walls and ceiling is anticipated to begin in mid-summer of 2019 and re-construction of the ceiling and walls will begin in fall 2019 and continue through the winter and spring of 2020.  
  • The playground on the north side of the building will be redone in the summer of 2019 so students will have a new playground during construction.

August 2020 is the expected date of project completion. At the start of the 2020-2021 school year, Coventry will have the newest school look in District 47! Besides structural improvements and a new look-and-feel, the Coventry renovation will include new playgrounds, lockers, and furniture.


On March 18th at the regular board meeting, District architects presented their visual concept for the inside of the building. On March 19th, two informational meetings for parents and the community were held at Coventry, where architects shared the same presentation directly with Coventry families, neighbors and the community.


“We look forward to this opportunity to update and enhance the learning environment at Coventry,” said Superintendent Dr. Kathy Hinz. “Our students and staff will benefit greatly from a school designed for 21st-century learning.”


Coventry Elementary School opened in 1967 with a design at the time that broke away from the typical "egg-crate" structure of school designs from the past. Instead of classrooms down both sides of the hallways, Coventry’s library learning center became the “hub” and center of the school and classrooms were built around it.