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Faces of D47 Receives NSPRA Golden Achievement Award

District 47 was honored by the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) with a Golden Achievement Award for their social media campaign "Faces of D47." Out of over one thousand entries received nationwide, District 47 emerged as one of the one hundred twenty-three successful winners. 

According to the official website of NSPRA, "The Golden Achievement Award recognizes outstanding, strategic work in all aspects of school public relations, communication, marketing, and engagement." Entries are judged individually based on communication best practices, good writing, and against a strategic planning process. NSPRA uses experienced, award-winning professionals to evaluate entries. 

The Faces of D47 social media campaign aims to cultivate a supportive, positive, and productive work environment amongst staff while also engaging families and the community in the process. Faces of D47 aligns with the District’s strategic plan goals, Work Environment, and Family and Community Partnerships. Launching the Faces of D47 social media campaign in the fall of 2022 gave all stakeholders in District 47 a fair chance to be highlighted and allowed them to share their stories. 

"The communications department is committed to sharing the stories of our dedicated staff,” said Dr. Kathy Hinz, superintendent. “Faces of D47 shines a light on the incredible people that work here, why they chose D47, and what makes them feel at home here."

Faces of D47 is modeled after the photoblog and book Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton and inspired by the social media campaign “Humans of St. Norbert” at St. Norbert College. Faces of D47 highlights any individual who serves District 47. Posts are shared on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and on the District 47 website under Culture and Recognition. 

The “Faces of D47” campaign will be honored on the NSPRA website and during the Annual Meeting and Celebration of Achievement at the NSPRA 2023 National Seminar in St. Louis, Missouri.

Click here to view the Faces of D47 submission that was awarded.