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Virtual Parenting Sessions with Jackie Rhew

Who is Jackie Rhew?

Jackie Rhew is a clinical consultant, keynote speaker, and co-founder of the Center for Emotional Wellness in Crystal Lake and Arlington Heights. She has authored several books and publications, including “School Refusal in Children & Adolescents” and “Successful Parenting-Create Your Custom Plan for Raising Independent Children into Adulthood.” Jackie also is the cohost of the Successful Parenting Podcast. 


Virtual Parenting Sessions:

  • DECEMBER: Screen Time and Use of Technology: Parenting in a Digital Era
    • This interactive presentation will take a look at the influence of technology on children's development, as well as ways we can empower our children to find balance while navigating the digital world. Parents will learn strategies to build closer connections with their children and help set healthy boundaries around their use of technology. Click here to watch the recording of this presentation. 
  • JANUARY: Building Resiliency in our Youth
    • This discussion will focus on how to provide critical social and emotional support for children and teens, including how to build their self-confidence and empathy for others. Parents will learn how to help their child(ren) manage their feelings, problem-solve, and engage in their education. She’ll also cover key strategies for parents to help foster engagement, model healthy coping skills, and develop a deeper connection with their child. Click here to watch the recording of this discussion. Here is the link to the Spanish slideshow for this presentation. 
  • FEBRUARY: Understanding and Responding to Stress and Anxiety
    • Anxiety is now the number one reason young people seek counseling. But what exactly is anxiety? And how do you recognize it and help a child who suffers from it? In this in-depth workshop, parents/guardians will learn the difference between stress and anxiety and how to support a child who is struggling. They will also learn how to help their child(ren) build resiliency and if/when to seek professional help. Click here to watch the recording of this in-depth workshop. Here is the link to the Spanish slideshow for this presentation.  
  • MARCH: Parenting with a Growth Mindset
    • Raising a resilient and successful child starts with learning to understand them better. Parents will learn how to parent using a growth mindset and how to help their child step out of their comfort zone, handle disappointment, set healthy boundaries, and increase motivation. These are valuable skills that correlate to engaging and succeeding in the school environment. This approach has proven successful with students who are fearful of failure, as it teaches them how to embrace a ‘bounce back’ mentality. Click here to watch the recording of this session. Here is the link to the Spanish slideshow for this presentation.