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New Asthma Program for Lundahl Students

LMS staff photo

Pictured (left to right): Kristi Ljunggren (Lundahl school nurse), Ashley Funk and Doug Lomen (Crystal Lake Lions Club), Tanya Reddig, Randy Funk (Crystal Lake Lions Club) and Angie Compere (Lundahl principal). 

During the 2022-23 school year, Lundahl Middle School students will have a new way to manage their asthma at school thanks to a new initiative spearheaded by nurse practitioner Tanya Rettig. Rettig is currently serving as a nursing intern at Lundahl Middle School and is earning her doctoral degree in nursing from Concordia University of Wisconsin. 

Approximately 56 students at Lundahl currently have an asthma diagnosis. After seeing the impact of asthma on students, Rettig decided to make the goal of her thesis to boost the confidence and attendance of students with asthma. 

“Students with asthma may miss school or feel anxious about going to school because they are concerned about their asthma being triggered by daily activities, such as P.E., recess, and walking to and from classes,” she said. In addition, Rettig notes that students with asthma may not have access to a beneficial device called an asthma spacer, which improves the flow and impact of asthma inhalers. Asthma spacers are not always covered by insurance and can cost up to $70. To offset the cost for families, Rettig secured funding from the Crystal Lake Lions Club, which purchased 65 asthma spacers for Lundahl students.

Throughout the 2022-23 school year, students will have an opportunity to use an asthma spacer during the school day in the health office. In addition, students will be provided tips for managing their asthma. Rettig will work with the school nurse at Lundahl to track use of the devices and monitor student absentee rates throughout the school year. 

One Lundahl parent whose son will be participating in the asthma program this year notes: “I am intrigued by and grateful for this program. I think that any education will be beneficial in a lifelong capacity for my son and I look forward to hearing about what he learns.”