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D47 Celebrates Diversity Through BPAC Literacy Event

The District 47 Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee (BPAC) hosted a Multicultural Literacy Night at Glacier Ridge Elementary School, aimed to honor and celebrate the diverse cultures within District 47. Multicultural Literacy Night provides a unique opportunity for students, families, faculty, and staff to explore various countries, cultures, and traditions through literacy. The success of this event can be attributed to not only BPAC but also the teachers and administration that helped organize it.

“This was a really special event organized by our Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee,” said Rebecca Morton, Director of Multilingual Programs. “I've seen how stories bring us closer, helping us understand each other better. Through diversity and literacy, we don't just celebrate differences – we find the common ground that unites us all.”

Children's author Evelyn Sanchez-Toledo kicked off the evening by reading her book, “Bruna Bailando Por El Mundo/Bruna Dancing Around the World,” supported by a sign language interpreter, fostering inclusivity and connection. Attendees were treated to a multilingual book fair organized by ¡WEPA! Libros, a distributor of multilingual literature. Every student received complimentary books, promoting literacy across cultures. Interactive stations featured literacy games and crafts, engaging children and families in educational activities celebrating diversity and bilingualism. To ensure accessibility for all who wanted to attend, bus transportation was made available upon request.

Multicultural Literacy Night exemplified BPAC’s mission, to support the needs of bilingual and multilingual families and students in the community. The committee is composed of parents of children in the district's bilingual education program and community members.

District 47 is committed to celebrating its diverse cultural heritage. Events like the Multicultural Literacy Night serve as a testament to the collective efforts of students, families, and staff in creating an inclusive and enriching educational environment.