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District 47 Celebrates Winter Elevate Award Winners

District 47's Elevate program recognizes employees who uphold and exemplify the district's mission, vision, and core values and who go above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of students, schools, and the community. Nominees and winners are announced three times a year - fall, winter, and spring. For the winter Elevate Award, 10 winners were announced out of thirty-six nominations. District 47 would also like to thank all the businesses that have chosen to sponsor our Elevate program this year. Eight local sponsors award the winners with a gift card.

Elevate Award recipients will be recognized at the February 20 Board of Education meeting. Please take a moment to read more about our winners with a quote taken from their Elevate nomination. Click here to nominate a deserving District 47 staff member.


Michelle Barrett, Principal, North

“Michelle Barrett is one of the most genuine and caring people I know. You can tell that Michelle puts her heart and soul into her job. With the many different hats she wears, the challenges she faces, and long nights, it doesn’t get her down. She thrives off of leading and ensuring that we have a warm and welcoming climate. She is a true testament of putting family and yourself first and practices what she preaches. 

Michelle is happiest when she is in the classrooms with our students. She loves interacting and getting to know our students on a personal level. She is a huge advocate for reading and putting books into their hands. She is the first to volunteer to model a shared reading lesson in a classroom and is always looking for a new book to share. 

Michelle is the first to encourage others to share their magic and love for education. She advocates for staff members to share their voices and talents at team and staff meetings. Michelle makes the North community a wonderful place to be. Her passion and light shine through and is a leading force for good. We are beyond lucky to have her lead.”


Douglas Carlino, Paraprofessional, North

“Doug Carlino is one of the most kind and genuine people I have encountered. To me, he is an exceptional role model to not only our students but to our community. As a paraprofessional, flexibility is key. Doug is willing to jump into any situation and pivot at the last minute with understanding and willingness. 

During whole group instruction, he is the silent ninja who is able to keep all students on task. He works 1:1 with students and in small groups tailoring the lesson and questions to meet their needs. He truly believes in our students and pushes them to be their best selves. 

The North community is lucky to have Doug support our students. He truly is making a difference each day.


Hannah Jaconetti, Kindergarten Teacher Language Teacher, West

“Ms. Jaconetti is an enthusiastic and detailed teacher! She engages her students with energy and compassion. She knows no bounds on what she is willing to do to engage her kindergarten students. My daughter looks forward to going to school every day because she knows Ms. Jaconetti will have something new and challenging for her to work on! She can simultaneously get very outgoing kids to behave appropriately while encouraging shy kids to engage in the classroom. She provides tools for parents to learn along with the kids which empowers parents to reinforce what she is teaching in the classroom. Her focus on the class as a community to get kids engaged and respectful with every interaction prepares students for future success, in and out of school.”


Niki LaPointe, Lunch/Playground Supervisor, Coventry

“Niki’s title is “Lunch/Playground Supervisor,” but we know her as much more. She is a teacher, a listening ear to all children in our building, Wee Deliver organizer, Tier 2 support staff, thoughtful colleague, and the person we can count on to always put a smile on our face. The kids absolutely adore Mrs. LaPointe. She greets each of them enthusiastically and is there for them if they need to talk. Her warm demeanor and communication skills allow for students of all ages to connect with her in a special way. We are so lucky to have Niki LaPointe on our team here at Coventry.”


Jenny Myers, Instructional Coach, Glacier Ridge

As a building leadership team, we continually review academic data to create goals for student growth. Last year, in our review we decided to create a goal to support our kindergarten students. As our instructional coach with expertise in literacy, Jenny Myers created several supports to assist teachers in reaching their student growth goals: she supported the teachers with their instructional strategies goals; she attended all kindergarten team meetings to collaborate; and she provided professional learning. 

Because of Jenny’s support in strengthening instructional strategies, collaborating with teachers, and providing professional learning, our students are thriving. As we look at informal data, our students have made significant growth in literacy. Jenny is now sharing her expertise district-wide with interventionists and coaches. We are truly lucky to have Jenny leading literacy!”


Michael Parmele, Paraprofessional, Indian Prairie

“Mike is an amazing paraeducator in the cross-cat classroom. He enjoys making tough tasks fun and has a knack for helping students emerge from their shells. He is steadfast in his support and helps to ease students' apprehension by keeping things light, fun and honest. I've seen firsthand how students go to him to chat about their weekends, fun things happening in their lives as well as more serious situations.”


Bim Prathan, Mobile Technician, CORE Center

“Mr. Prathan has helped countless staff at Coventry Elementary School and across the district. Bim does his job very well. He is an excellent mobile technician. However, it is his ability to elevate those around him that has led to this nomination.  

Every week, Bim delivers thoughtful gifts to those at our school (and across the district). This could be a Starbucks to our secretaries who are having a rough day, a birthday gift left on a staff member's desk, or a simple question of "how are you doing?"  Time and time again, I have seen how Bim has elevated our school and made it a better place.  He is the epitome of a gentle soul and a kind heart.”


Janna Tharp, Business Specialist/Purchasing, CORE Center 

“Everything used to keep the teachers supplied, the students engaged, the schools open and secured, the buildings temperature controlled and lit, and the grounds maintained, has gone through Janna. Janna processes every purchase order for the entire district. Because her name is on the purchase orders and emails, she is often the first point of contact with outside vendors. She answers their questions and addresses their concerns with professionalism and competence. She is in charge of the district paper bid. For every building. For the entire year. Janna is the person that the school administrative assistants turn to when they have a question. She has personally trained many of the administrative assistants in the district on the requisition procedures and answers questions from all of them on a daily basis. I don’t think everyone realizes how integral Janna is to the success of this district.”


Brooke Wiest, Physical Therapist, Indian Prairie

“Brooke is an asset to the Indian Prairie team. She works at multiple buildings which can be stressful, but you would never know by looking at her face. Brooke is continually positive, smiling, and willing to help support students, colleagues, and families. Brooke presents at meetings in the most beautiful manner, focusing on strengths and student growth. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has great tips and techniques for parents to utilize at home to continue the home school connection. Brooke is a pleasure to have on teams and on staff at Indian Prairie.”


Tiffany Williams, Bus Driver, TJA 

“Tiffany is a shining star in District 47. Her care and compassion for the students is visible every day. She greets students with a smile, telling them that they are going to have a wonderful day at school. Students feel welcomed, accepted, and loved from the moment they step foot on the bus. Paraprofessionals, teachers, and administrators know her well, as she is kind and compassionate with all people. She takes time to build relationships, asking how your day has been, and telling you to have a great day before she leaves. In my opinion, the best way for students to start their school day is by stepping foot on Miss Tiffany’s bus. We are lucky to have the honor to work with her each day in District 47.”