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District 47 2023 Illinois School Report Cards

In the Illinois School Board of Education (ISBE) 2023 Illinois Report Card release, all District 47 schools received Commendable designations, with the exception of one designated for Targeted Support. These summative designations are one way the State measures how well our schools are meeting the needs of all students. 

Designations are based on academics, student success, school culture and climate, and financial investments. Click here for a detailed description of the five ISBE designation categories.

“The data behind these designations show that our district has much to celebrate,” said Dr. Kathy Hinz, superintendent. “We saw improvements in middle school summative scores between 2022 and 2023, with increases of up to 59%, and progress in math scores across our elementary school subgroups.”

Below are key points to consider regarding the 2023 Illinois Report Cards for our schools:


  • Canterbury Elementary, Glacier Ridge Elementary, Indian Prairie Elementary, North Elementary, South Elementary, Husmann Elementary, West Elementary, Woods Creek Elementary, Hannah Beardsley Middle School, Richard Bernotas Middle School, and Lundahl Middle School were designated as Commendable schools. This indicates they have no underperforming student demographic groups.

  • Hannah Beardsley Middle School has exited school improvement status after achieving a Commendable designation for five years following its Targeted Support designation in 2018.

  • Coventry Elementary School has been identified for Targeted Support, signifying that one or more student demographic groups are not meeting performance standards. ISBE has indicated Coventry’s designation is based on the Children with Disabilities, Former EL and EL subgroups. This Targeted Support designation initiates a four-year cycle for school improvement efforts. Coventry will also be eligible for supplementary funding and assistance aimed at addressing the unique needs of these students.

Our schools’ Commendable status reflects the investments the district has made in ensuring a high-quality evidence-based core curriculum addressing both academic and social-emotional learning. 

Coventry's designation should not be a source of apprehension. Instead, it provides an opportunity for thoughtful contemplation about the school's strengths and weaknesses, and how improvements can be made to enhance student outcomes within the identified subgroups. 

The district continuously gathers student data from various sources and has already made several curriculum adjustments this year, such as implementing a new instructional coaching model, adapting the literacy materials, restructuring the dual language literacy model, and piloting a new math curriculum.

“I am immensely proud of the academic growth our schools have achieved, but I want to emphasize that our work is far from over,” said Dr. Hinz. “Every day, we are dedicated to improving the education and well-being of each and every student. Together, we will strive for excellence and ensure a bright future for all our students.”