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School Picture Day

Picture retake day information:

School picture day was September 8 and retake day was October 17. Please contact Color Portraits, Inc. at 847-382-7505, ext. 7 with questions about picture orders.


Previous information we have communicated:
If your child had his or her picture taken on September 8, you should have received your picture package on or after October 4. If you did not pre-order, you received a Second Chance form with the Ticket Code and instructions on how to purchase pictures online from Color Portraits, Inc. Please contact Color Portraits, Inc. at 847-382-7505, ext. 7, with questions about ordering pictures.

Students requesting a picture retake will turn in their original package/item on retake day, October 17, and will have their photo retaken.  Students will receive the same package/item with the retake photo about two to three weeks after retakes.

Students who were absent on September 8 will have their picture taken on October 17. Here is the flyer with the prepayment code for retake day. This is for students who are new to Woods Creek or who were absent on the September 8 picture day.