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23-24 School Year Reminders

School Hours and Morning Supervision

Supervision begins at 8:30 on the playgrounds each morning. We have a primary playground for students in grades K-2 and an intermediate playground for students in grades 3-5. Students may not be dropped off prior to 8:30 each morning since supervisors do not begin duty until 8:30 AM. If you need supervision earlier than 8:30, we encourage you to reach out to the Crystal Lake Park District to see if there are spots in their ET program which is housed at Indian Prairie School. This is not a program provided by the Crystal Lake School District, but we do collaborate and work with the park district to provide this program for working families. There is a cost for this program. Please contact them directly for prices and information.

  • If your child is a walker, they will walk to the playground and wait for the bell to ring. Parents may walk their children to school but are asked to remain on the perimeter, behind the fence, to ensure safety.
  • If your child is a car rider, the earliest they can be dropped off in the front lot is 8:30. We ask that families pull all the way to the end of the drive to allow for all cars to fill the parking lane during arrival. Students can exit any vehicle that is in the circle drive. Students can be dropped off as late as 8:55 each morning to ensure that they are here on time for classroom instruction.
  • Indian Prairie uses a staggered dismissal system to limit traffic and congestion during the dismissal process. 


Parking Lot Car Dismissal

Please have your car tag visible or you will not be allowed into the lot until Open Bell Dismissal has ended. Traffic signs only allow right hand turns into the lot during arrival and dismissal. We cannot allow entry before your assigned time. A staff member will be standing at the entrance to verify the assigned time for entering the lot. Please pull up to the front of the circle drive as far as you can go. We will be utilizing both lanes simultaneously. Staff members will use the information on your car tag to radio for your child(ren). Students will be escorted to the car by a staff member. Please stay inside your vehicle. We are loading cars on the passenger side only. If you need to assist your child with a seatbelt, please finish pulling through the pick-up lane, park, and you can then safely get out of your car to assist your child.


Black Drop Off Box

In order to ensure the safety of our students, we work to limit outside visitors in the building. If you are dropping off something for your child, such as homework, a sweatshirt, lunch or a water bottle, please ring the bell for the front office. You can inform the office what you are dropping off and place it in the black drop off box at the front of the building. The front office staff will retrieve the item and ensure that your child receives it.