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8 to 18 Athletic Registration Program

Welcome to 8 to 18! 

You may be familiar with this system as it is the same athletic registration system used by District 155 and other area high schools. The 8 to 18 platform is easy to use and streamlines the registration process by reducing the amount of time involved and eliminating duplicate paperwork.  


The 8 to 18 online registration will be the only way to register your child for D47 middle school athletics for the upcoming school year. If your child plans to participate in a middle school sport, we encourage you to log in and create an account as soon as possible. Registration must be submitted the day before tryouts begin. Creating an 8 to 18 account and registering your child for a sport can be done simultaneously and is fairly straightforward. You can click the link below for your child’s school and follow the instructions on each screen or see attached for detailed, step-by-step instructions. A link to the new 8 to 18 athletic registration system can be found on your school’s website under Quick Links and by clicking on “Athletics” under the Athletics & Activities tab.


LMS - 8 to 18:


For more information about 8 to 18 and the athletic registration process for the 2019-20 school year, see the Frequently Asked Questions section below:

Online Athletic Registration FAQs

  • How do I get to 8 to 18? You can access the 8 to 18 website via one of the links above or from your school’s website under the Athletics tab or from Quick Links on your school’s home page.  
  • What information will I need to set up my 8 to 18 account? When setting up an 8 to 18 account, you will need a username (email address) and password, which you will enter when you log in the first time. You will create only one account per family, as you can use the same account for multiple children. You will also be asked for your student’s school ID number, medical insurance provider name and account number, and emergency contact information.
  • Does 8 to 18 support different languages? Yes. You may choose the language of your choice from the “Select Language” drop-down menu at the top right of the 8 to 18 home page.
  • I have a child in high school and have already created an 8 to 18 account. Do I need to create another account for my middle schooler? No. If you have already created an 8 to 18 account, you may use your existing login and password to access the system. Once you log in, click Begin Registration and Select an Activity. You will then select option to “Add a New Participant.”
  • How do I pay athletic fees? Athletic fees can be paid online via ParentVue. As in the past,  checks or cash will also be accepted. Note: Fees are NOT due at the time of registration and will NOT be accepted until team rosters are posted. Coaches will provide more information about payment once teams are finalized.
  • Does my child need a physical exam to participate in a middle school sport? Yes. All students are required to have a physical examination or sports physical by a licensed medical professional before trying out for a sport. Note: Physical exams and sport physicals are valid for 395 days). Forms may be obtained from your doctor’s office or by downloading the IHSA pre-participation form from 8 to 18. This form must be filled out and signed by the medical provider and submitted to your child’s school BEFORE the sport tryout. If your child’s physical exam will expire before the sport season ends, you will need to submit a new physical form upon expiration. Physical forms may be dropped off or mailed to your child’s school (on or after August 1, 2017) or they can be scanned and sent via email to the school nurse. Click here to find the appropriate email address on our website; see the “Building Nurses” column.
  • Besides my child’s physical form, will there be any other forms I need to sign and submit to my child’s school to complete the registration process? No. You and your child will be required to review and electronically sign off on the Agreement to Participate and important concussion information as part of the online registration process. Unless you choose to pay athletic fees by check or cash, you will not be required to submit any additional paperwork.     
  • Can I register my child for more than one sport? Yes, you may choose to register your child for more than one sport but a separate registration process is required for each. You will be asked upon completing registration for one sport if if you’d like to register your child for another. If so, simply select “add another registration.”     
  • Will I receive a confirmation once I complete registration? Yes. Upon completing and submitting your child’s registration, you will receive an email confirmation. 

If you have any questions about setting up your 8 to 18 account, please contact 8 to 18 support via email at or by phone at 630.324.8501. If you have any questions about the new athletic registration process, please contact your child’s school after August 1st.