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Important - Parent Health Information

Health Check

An adult will be expected to complete a symptom check and self-certify that their student is healthy enough to attend in-person learning daily. This symptom check must be completed prior to getting on the bus, or being dropped off at school through ParentVue. Students may need to go home if COVID symptoms are identified. Temperature checks will be completed on those students who do NOT have a thermometer at home.  If you do not have a thermometer at home, please contact your school health office for support. 


Symptoms and Sending Students Home

Please do not send your child to school if he/she is showing ANY signs of illness or COVID-like symptoms (see below). Please report absences with symptoms to your school’s attendance line.


IDPH guidelines will be utilized to assess for and determine when students should be sent home due to their symptoms. The school nurse will be utilizing forms and assisting in contact tracing within the school to help ensure positive cases are identified and followed. School nurses will also help the health department to determine when a student can return to school. These guidelines are subject to change and District 47 will utilize the most up-to-date information from IDPH, ISBE, and the CDC.  


Symptoms of Covid 19:

         Fever - Cough - Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing - Chills - Headache 

         Nausea/vomiting - Congestion/runny nose - Sore throat - Diarrhea - Muscle/body aches -   

         New loss of taste or smell - Fatigue - Abdominal pain


  • If your child were to develop any COVID-like illness symptoms at school, you will be notified to pick up your child as quickly as possible. Your child will need to follow one of the following procedures in order to be allowed back in attendance at school:
    • 10 day stay at home/remote learning **OR**
    • A medical doctor’s note (written documentation) stating the diagnosis to explain the symptoms (that is not COVID-19) **OR**
    • Proof (written documentation) of a negative COVID-19 test
  • If your child is sent home from school with symptoms of COVID-19, the rest of the household must be quarantined until an alternative diagnosis is made or a negative COVID-19 test result received. Siblings in your child’s school, or other D47 schools, will need to be picked up as well and as quickly as possible.                                                                                                              
  • If a student or staff member should test positive for COVID-19 at school or in your child’s classroom, the Health Services staff will work closely with the McHenry County Health Department to determine which individuals are considered “close contacts” to that positive person. Close contacts are defined as any individual who was within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes (cumulative) with or without masks starting from 2 days before illness onset and until the time the person is isolated. You will be notified if your child is ever considered a close contact to a positive COVID case. Close contacts are required to quarantine in their home and utilize remote learning for 14 days per IDPH and MCHD guidelines. While home, parents should monitor for COVID-19 symptoms and report any symptoms to their School Nurse. 
  • If your child is in contact with someone outside of school who tested positive for COVID-19, or is a family member of a suspected case of COVID-19, they will need to stay home for 14 days to quarantine from the last contact with that person/family member.  They will receive asynchronous materials  during this time. Please report these situations to the School Nurse.


All students and staff are required to wear masks while at school and on the bus. We are asking that you send in an extra mask, if possible, in case their main one should become soiled in any way. Masks were sent home in supply boxes.


Hand Hygiene

Teachers will be encouraging students to wash their hands more frequently throughout the day. If soap and water are not available, students will have access to hand sanitizer, under staff supervision. Students may be sent to school with personal hand sanitizer; however, they will not be allowed to share it with other students and if misuse is identified, the student will no longer be allowed to self-carry sanitizer. 


Water Bottles

Water bottles from home are encouraged as drinking fountains will not be utilized. The water bottle can be refilled as needed throughout the day. The water bottle must contain the student's name, remain at their desk, and be sent home to be cleaned daily (unless otherwise communicated from your building). 


Health Office

The school nurse will be tracking suspected and positive cases within the school building. This information will be communicated to and with the McHenry County Health Department due to public health safety. An additional area in each building has been identified for isolation needs, should a student or staff member develop signs or symptoms of COVID-like illness. Parents will be required to pick up ill students within 45 mins of phone call. If you are unable to meet this timeframe, we ask that each student has two emergency contacts listed who are able to pick your student within 45 mins. If your student has moderate to severe concerns (high fever, trouble breathing, additional concerns) and you are unable to pick them up within 45 mins, 911 may be called and your child will be transferred to the hospital.  During this time of a global pandemic, the Health Office could be a place of possible exposure this year and visits to the Health Office will be limited to illness symptoms, other medical needs, and medication administration only.


Shut Down/Closure

Classrooms or school buildings could be shut-down again, depending on the number of positive cases within a classroom, building, or within the community. McHenry County Health Department will work with the building nurse to determine if and when guidelines will need to be utilized to determine if a shut-down is necessary. Families will be notified of the occurrence and you will be contacted directly if we believe your student has had close contact with a positive case. Close contact means within 6 feet of another person for at least 15 mins.  Please remember that all health information is confidential and specific information will not be shared with families.


Thank you for your cooperation during this unprecedented time- we know it is trying on everyone. Please feel free to contact the School Nurse if you have any questions about the health of your child.