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Parking lot Pick -Up Information

Woods Creek School Pick-Up Pass Procedures 2020-2021

The safety of our students is a top priority at Woods Creek School.  We have many more parents picking up by car now than we have had in the past, so we will be implementing a four color pick-up pass procedure for picking up students after school that ensures the safety of each of our students. 


Parents who plan to pick up their child by car after school, must have a colored pass to enter the school parking lot between 3:25 p.m. and 3:31 p.m.  Parents with a pass may enter the parking lot when their specific color is designated by the colored sign at the entrance of the parking lot.  A staff member will be holding up a sign with the each color on it. Please drive around the local neighborhood or wait on a sidestreet (NOT Alexandra Blvd.) until your designated color is up. Please note our buses usually wait on Alexandra Blvd. As students are dismissed, they will proceed to a designated spot marked by a number on the front sidewalk and enter the car from the passenger side only.  


Students whose parent has an assigned colored pick- up pass will be dismissed at the following times:

  1. Red Pass students are dismissed at 3:25 p.m.
  2. Yellow Pass students are dismissed at 3:27p.m.
  3. Green Pass students are dismissed at 3:29 p.m.
  4. Pink Pass (NEW) students are dismissed at 3:31 p.m.

Walkers will be dismissed at 3:31 p.m.

Bus riders will be dismissed from the building at 3:31 p.m.and will be loaded shortly after. 

Two cars are assigned to most spots along the front sidewalk. Cars should park next to one another in a parallel parking fashion next to their assigned number on the sidewalk, not bumper to bumper along the curb. Parking side by side allows for the outside car to pull away first and for the car next to the curb to pull out second. Please be patient and wait for your partner car’s children to finish loading before you pull away if children are actively loading. We ask that parents are on time for pick up. Each parent only has an assigned spot for a three minute window of time.


There are a limited number of pick up passes.  If you do not have a pass, you may pull into the parking lot after the pink sign is down, after 3:31 p.m. Pick up your child along the front sidewalk. 

We understand that some parents prefer to have their students meet them on one of the side streets near our school. This arrangement is fine, as long as students cross Alexandra Blvd. at the designated crosswalk.  We also do not allow our students to walk through the parking lot alone to get to a parent.  


For parents who plan to only pick up by car in inclement weather, please make sure you have notified the office by phone that day if your pick up is changing so your child can meet you at the pick up spot. 


If your child is walking home, he/she may not leave the building until 3:31 p.m. Also, please notify the teacher in advance of any change in dismissal. 


Thank you for partnering with us to keep your children safe at dismissal!


Dr. Amy Marks and Mr. Jason Brogan