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D47 Student Cell Phone Procedure

Last fall District 47 established a cell phone committee to review our current student cell phone procedures and to discuss how cell phones are impacting the learning environment. Through the work of the committee, we made the move in early January to strictly enforce our current cell phone policy as stated in the student handbook. To help the District's cell phone committee make informed decisions about any future changes regarding student cell phone use, we collected feedback from students, staff and parents. The parent survey is now closed. See below for the 2019-20 student cell phone procedure. 


2019-20 District 47 student cell phone procedure

Elementary - Students are allowed to have a cell phone or smartwatch at school as long as it is turned off and remains in the student’s locker at all times during the school day. (NOTE: Elementary school lockers do not lock and the school/district is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen personal property.)


Middle School - During the school day, a student may carry a cell phone/smartwatch but it must be turned off at all times. If the student uses the phone/smartwatch or if the phone/smartwatch causes a disruption, the phone/smartwatch will be confiscated and taken to the office and appropriate consequences will be issued as determined by administration. (NOTE: The school/district is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen personal property.)


PLEASE NOTE: With the fast-paced changes in technology, District 47 will treat any electronic device that has the capability to call, text, and take photos, as a cell phone/smartwatch violation at any grade level if it causes a disruption to the school environment.


For detailed information about our current procedures, we encourage families to review District 47’s Cell Phone Expectations. We also encourage parents/guardians to seek out resources for managing student cell phone use and screen time at home. All of these resources can be found on the D47 website -- see "Internet and Online Safety" under the Parents tab.