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Indian Prairie PBIS Parent Information

P.B.I.S. Information for ParentsIndianPrairie.pngIndianPrairie.png

(Positive Behavior Intervention System)



Indian Prairie Elementary is excited to introduce our next step in P.B.I.S. The mission of P.B.I.S is to create a school community where positive and proactive behavior creates a supportive and safe environment for everyone.  This initiative targets our goals to meet the students’ social and emotional needs.


  • P.B.I.S. focuses on improving a school’s ability to teach and support positive behavior for all students.

  • It is for all students, all staff and in all settings.

  • The success of PBIS depends on consistency and expectations, involvement, implementation and accountability.


The core values of P.B.I.S. builds upon the pillars of Character Counts and includes these three core values of P.B.I.S.:

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Responsible

  • Be Safe


School-Wide Reward System

Positive behaviors will be rewarded at Indian Prairie to individual students using our  “Wolf Buck” money system. Any staff member, anywhere, can award a student displaying an expected behavior by rewarding them with a Wolf Buck.  Students will keep their Wolf Bucks in a wallet that was purchased for all students.  Students can use their Wolf Bucks  at set times throughout the month to enter in raffles or for prizes and incentive experiences!  


                                                                        Wolf Buck.PNG

  • Weekly Raffles: Every Friday, we will have a raffle.  The purpose is to keep up interest/excitement about PBIS in between Wolf Buck Prize redemption days.  Students can purchase raffle tickets from their teachers every Thursday for  $2 in Wolf Bucks.  Each Friday lucky winners will be called down to the office for prizes.

  • Monthly Wolf Buck Prize Cart:  Students may purchase rewards for expected behavior using their Wolf Bucks.  Wolf Buck Prize day will be once a month on the last Thursday of the month.  A menu listing the prizes will be posted in the classroom on Monday of that week so students can plan what they want to purchase.

  • Leader of the Pack Classroom Awards: Throughout the school, whole class “leader of the pack” awards can be given by any staff member.  These will be earned when classes are walking through the halls in an expected manner, showing expected behaviors at assemblies, etc.  A “golden paw” is given to a class once they earn 25 “leader of the pack” awards.  The classroom teacher will select an incentive for their class once they receive a “golden paw.”  Awards will be posted outside the classroom doors so that students can see their accomplishments.  


How can you help support our implementation of PBIS?


  • Talk with your child about the core values of being respectful, responsible, and safe.


  • Visit our Indian Prairie PBIS website to watch the PBIS videos created by our students to model the expected behaviors.  Scan the QR code to take you to our P.B.I.S. website.      


  • Ask your child to share with you if he/she has received any Wolf Bucks and to explain why they received them.  


Thank you for your partnership as we promote respect, responsibility, and safety for all!