• 8/15/19

    Today, I have begun to plan for the upcoming school year. Any parents or guardians who have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at: tlaw@d47.org


    Some program resources I plan on utilizing in my math class include Prodigy. If you are interested in checking out this free research-based Math Program, please visit prodigygame.com. Prodigy provides an interactive userface that allows students to battle the computer or one another, but they do so through computing math problems that are based on learning standards. I have years of experience using the program in which I have helped students progress and catch up to where they need to be academically. I also utilize Prodigy to specifically address specific goals and objectives. Prodigy has parent access which allows guardians to check up on their student's progress towards their objectives for improvement and a successful future in next year's high school setting.

    Some additional tools I utilize for program supports include Freckle, Math Minutes, FastBridge and additional online resources as time goes on. The first ten minutes of class will be spent working on the daily review which is specifically targeted to whatever skill your student needs to work on.


    At the beginning of the school year, I plan on having a social circle with the classroom. During this circle, we design consequences and goals for the class in preparation for the students to enter high school the next year. The rules are student-lead, meaning that holistically we decide how many warnings students should get prior to earning minors and majors. We also choose numerous other options the students can choose from after making a mistake so its more supportive activities rather than a punishment. For example, if a student is late to class after four times, they get to choose a math skill to review, a meditation exercise, a fitness routine, or something we choose as a class that is research-based that will support their development rather than make them suffer. Something that I started using last year regarding any excessive disruptive or non-compliant behaviors is offering the students a choice and allowing them to pick one of these activities.

    I plan on continuing to update this website as more planning occurs among our school teams prior to school starting on Wednesday.


    2018 - 2019 School Year Resources


    I finally have the time to set up my teacher website. Since beginning my employment about three weeks ago, I have implemented some practices in my Direct Instruction Pre-Algebra class. Most of them I plan on reviewing during parent night on Thursday, 9/13/18. I started off the school year utilizing a free math intervention program called Prodigy. Prodigy is a math game that is similar to Pokemon, but instead of actually battleing one another, the program assesses each students math skills and targets specific instruction. I plan on providing parents with the placement test scores that were acquired during the first ten minutes of each instructional school day. Completing the placement test earned each student 30 points.

    Notetaking is something the class has been focusing on as well. Students are able to use their classroom notes on quizes and tests. Before Wednesday, 9/12/18, the students will have completed their first chapter test which is worth 80% of their grade. Everyday, I provide the classroom with a warm up activity, we review classroom homework if the previous days assignment wasn't completed, I model notetaking for the next section and provide guided practice, then I expect the students to complete the rest of each assignment independently. I plan on updating the website as we implement some projects and more interactive practices.

    See the parent night presentation below for additional information.

    Parent Night Presentation


    So far, 8th period Pre-Agebra is off to a great start! The whole class passed the chapter 1 test with above 72% accuracy. Last week, we practiced utilizing the distributive property, finding the area of rectangles, and traingles as well. Tomorrow, we are reviewing for a quiz that will occur on Tuesday. The remainder of the week we plan on reviewing the application of word problems with guided notes, practice, and BINGO review on Friday.