Course 1

    M- review notes on ratio -rate- unit rate- watch review video in class on the three, Do worksheet 8.2 B 1-18 on seperate paper showing all work


    Course 2

    M- reviewed 7.1 and writing expressions and equations and what is the difference do  1-10 pg 339


     1/13-1/16  NO SCHOOL FRIDAY!!

    Course 1 

    M- review ratios for quiz tomorrow of 8.1 pg 402 and OnCore pgs 113-116 and matching activity in class

    T- quiz and intro to rate and unit rate On Core wrkbk 117 a-e

    W- went over 117 a-e and finished pg 117-118- quiz corrections due Tues.

    Th-ratios - rates - unit rate notes in class looked at grocery ads to pick out rates and unit rates




    Course 2

    M- finish review of 6.8 graphing finish review packet distributive property work and graphing. Weds finish up Chp 6 test 6.7-6.8

    T - review

    W- finish test/ intro to equations read 7.1 and try guided practice

    Th- finish test and did classzone work on 7.1section quiz animated math






    1/6/20-1/10/20  WELCOME BACK!

    Course 1

    M- 8.1 ratio study guide sheet finish

    T- in class ratio BrainPop and quiz questions, OnCore wrkbk pg 113-114

    W- went over 114 and finished the page and corrected, introduced ratio tables and do OnCore pg 115 part A and B

    TH- went over A B and finished pg 115 and the top 3A 3b of pg 116. All pages 113-116 should be done

    quiz Tues. on ratios and ratio tables double number line and ratio tape diagrams

    F- review for quiz on ratios - in class quick review then review materials on classzone, googleclassroom, and Khan





    Course 2

    M- distributive property sheet 1-11

    T- went over 1-11 then finished 6.7 worksheet, read 6.8 coordinate grid and showed and went over vocab and how to graph on grid and define location of points.

    W- did 6.8 guided practice coordinate plane vocab and how to find distance on the graph. No HW

    TH- 6.8 worksheet  1-12

    F- finish 6.8 work sheet on graphing





    Course 1

    Mon- Khan academy review for test study at home and finish khan after school study session if you want come

    T- test

    W- finish test

    Thu- start ratios and rates


    Course 2

    M- Are You Ready 1-6  11-19 study 6.1-6.6

    reviewed properties and introduced distributive property by watching Brain Pop

    T- Are You Ready and review for test

    W-final review test tomorrow


    F finish test






    Course 1

    M- group activity with word problems and finding the visual model that matches and the number problem. Review using googleclassroom materials( quizlet for vocab, visual model practice, visual model video, dividing fractions video)- test next Tues.

    T- are you read packet 1-12 do/ study

    W- went over 1-12, do 13-15 all parts in class and discussed/ study

    Th- finished review packet and reviewed

    F- white board review and test Tues. Mon after school review if you can stay




    Course 2

    M- review 6.1-6.3 and went over rules of multipling integers 6.4 do pg 293-294 #1-3,5,9,13,17,20,26,30,34,52

    T-In class went over homework and discussed 296-298 dividing fractions and how rules are the same as mulltiplying due to the relationship between the two. worked on several problems together in class

    W- guided practice in class and explained mean , median , mode and range and how to find mean with our integers - discussed celcius and farenheit conversion read and discussed rational numbers pg 301-303 

    Th- properites and 6.6 do in class work GP problems

    F- 6.6 A wrksheet test next THurs. 6.1-6.6

    12/2- 12/6


    Course 1

    M- notes in class on  dividing fractions  and example problems- test over fraction dividing and vocabulary and visual models

    T- visual models for division of fractions in packet doe #1-3 also look in google classroom for the link to practice some models like in class

    W- continued visual model work in packet and for homework do googleclassroom practice test over fractions and visual models before Christmas break

    Th- OnCore wrkbk pg 9-10

    F - review OnCore wrkbk and finish visual model packet


    Course 2

    M- Reviewed notes on integers and integer adding rules do 6.2 1-20 for homework 

    T-handed back absolute value maze and 6.1 worksheet.  Went over 1-20 homework and Finished 6.2 with partners. Quiz Friday on integers and adding \subtracting. Test oveapter before break

    W- integer subtraction- went over what you read and the rules. Practiced in class then worked with partner on 6.3A worksheet. Finish for homework and study for quiz Friday



    1/18-11/22CONFERENCES WEDS. this week MON TUES next week

    Student led conferences so students must come with

    Course  1

    M- multiplying fractions with whole numbers, fractions or mixed numbers using the shortcut - all answers to simplest form.

    1. 30/45 x 20/35    2.  5 1/2 x 4 2/3    3.     3/4 x 14      4.    2 1/4 x 1 2/3

    T- packet on multiplying mixed numbers with shortcult -1-9

    W- google classroom fraction vocab quizlet start studying

    Th- practice quiz 1-15 pg 289 study for quiz 6.1-6.3

    F- quiz and start multiplying integers read 6.4 try GP


    Course 2

    M- measurement quiz 

    T- started new unit integers no homework

    W- integer notes in class and integer graphing sheet in class finish what you didn't but all was gone over in class- started adding integers on the number line 





    Course 1


    M- intro to fractions and see what we know/ fill in worksheet

    T- puzzle sheets doing equivalent fractions and simplest form( 2 sheets homework)

    W- review how to find simplest form and work on finishing puzzle sheets/ start multiplying fractions red hardcover pg 341-343 read

    TH- puzzles due and Kahoot on fractions- notes on multiplying fractions and the shortcut

    F- in class multiplication of fractions practice with the short cut


    Course 2

    M- 2.6 B worksheet due on using appropriate metric units of measure- read and do 2.7 90-95 converting metric measures using King Henry died by drinking chocolate milk watch video BrainPop  do guided practice

    T- In class with partners then finish for homework pg 92-94 #1-3 4-18 evens 19 20-28 evens 44,46,47,48

    W- measurement review packet 1-17 quiz Monday  study

    Th- finished review packet and reviewed what we need to know for Mon quiz




    Course 1

    M- in class ladder method to find GCF and LCM guided practice and notes. Do the extra 2 problems given on your own.

    P3  GCF LCM      12  21   30 and    36  90

    P7       do 36  72  90 and     88    102

    P8     12   21    30     and 36    90

    TEST FRIDAY on this

    T- finish word problem GCF LCM sheet and study

    W-in class practice word problems and going over key words to look for and still working on the process of prime factorization- reviewed homework from yesterday  study for test. material in googleclassroom

    TH- in class practice / study notes packets and examples we have been doing. test tomorrow

    F-none test

    Course 2

    M- GCF LCM test back to see. measurement- adding and subtracting units of customary measure and review of conversion factor finish 24-29 in the skills pg 252-253

    T- 1-12 on 5.6 worksheet test reflection

    W- 1-12 went over in class and corrected errors , worked with partners to finish sheet - finish for homework

    Th- started metric measures by going over what we already knew and using our pneumonics of King Henry died by drinking chocolate milk- discussed L, m , g and benchmarks for each. pgs 84-86

    F-finish metric measurement wrksheet




    Course 1

    M- notes in class on prime/composite/factor/multiple/ GCF and prime factorization with the ladder method video in googleclassroom if you need to help - homework is to do prime factorization of  38,  120,  171,  85 using the ladder method

    T- partner work with GCF and prime factorization- finish sheet for homework

    W- finish word problem from redbook from classzone pg 239 # 26 and 28 word problem with GCF

    T- in class word problems with GCF no homework

    F- went over word problem packet and introduced LCM- test over LCM GCF factors/ multiples next Friday.


    Course 2

    M- finish GCF LCM and fraction test, Khan Map practice

    T- customary measure worksheet

    W-pg 249 #26-37

    T- in class reviewed homework and did 5.5 B worksheet in class- no homework

    F -5.5 conversion factors in class do GP 1-9




    Course 1

    M- some students needed to finish tests and we introduced new unit to be fractions multiplying and dividing but first we are working on factors, multiples GCF LCM prime and composite

    today 3 khan assignments about prime and composite

    T- review of prime and composite and factors- use red book pgs 15,231,250 to help you finish your worksheet both sides

    W- Khan recommended practice in class and a Kahoot over prime,composite, factors and multiples. DO factor worksheet for homework

    Th- prime composite homework sheet

    F none


    Course 2

    M- reviewing for chp 4-5 test on GCF prime factorization multiplying and dividing fractions test Thurs

    1-12 review from chp 4 in back of book additional practice

    T - review packet 1-17 skip 8,9,16 for now

    W- reviewed 1-17( 8 and 9 we will do tomorrow) be sure you did 16,18,19 showing all work

    Th- finish packet study


    Course 1 


    T-  1-12 in review packet due and went over in class continue with work in review packet 1-14 done and study for test Friday

    documents in google classroom to study and your own worksheets and homework we have done

    W - finish review packet except #16 and study all materials- googleclassroom has 3 study tools test Friday

    Th- final review in class - study by going back over review packet. Cover problems and redo to see if you get them right. Go to classzone to chp 3 sections 3.1,3.3,3.4,3.6  chp 4  4.1,4.3,4.4,4.6 go to googleclassroom review items. Know how to add subtract multiply and divide

    finish video from class where you did the practice problems


    F = test




    Course 2


    T- practice fraction/mixed number multiplication pg 234-235  #1,2,3,7,11,15,19,39-41,43,47

    W- intro to dividing fractions and notes on reciprocal watched Flocabulary keep change flip do 5.4 237 -238 guided practice

    TH- review dividing fractions and go over 1-9 guided practice - did more word problems pg 240-241 #41,42,43,44

    F- white board review in class






    Course 1

    M- Period 3 and 8 quiz back and quiz corrections started with D\F students at lunch, continue working on corrections. Need a parent signature and all work redone on seperate paper. In class started multiplying decimals watched BrainPop

    T- in class reviewed how to multiply double digits and how to place decimals in answers, practiced on white boards or in our spiral

    P3 and P7 have 3 decimal multiplication problems to do for homework

    P8 has 6 problems to pick from 8 on pg184     in #13-20

    W- went over multiplication of decimal homework and took notes for all 4 decimal operations, start studying for the decimal test which will be next Friday- be sure you do quiz corrections for division- help session tomorrow after school

    TH-2 worksheets one full page and one half- both are due tomorrow- also go to googleclassroom to study the vocab for the test next Friday on decimal operations

    F- reveiw packet for test study for test next Friday



    Course 2

    M- test back and went over correct answers, worked 4.1 notes on factor /prime/ composite numbers and started prime factorization.

    T-prime factorization done in class homework is to do pg 167 8-22 evens 

    W.- In class turned in homework and worked on our test reflections sheet, GCF introduced and practice GP 1-2 for homework in 4.2

    Th- 2 worksheets from class on GCF and vocabulary

    F- review of fraction and mixed number multiplication with cross canceling-1-12 guided practice





    Course 1

    Mon - review dividing with decimals and quiz tomorrow 

    Tues- quiz and look ahead to adding and subtracting decimals

    Weds- OnCore wrkbk pgs 11-12 all and do pg 14 # 1-6  do 3-6 work in your spiral

    Th- In class review adding decimals pg 11-12 and homework from pg 14, do pg 13 subtracting decimals- Homeowrk pg 14  #11-14 in spiral

    F white board work with adding and subtracting decimals and went over homework

    Course 2

    M- review for test do review packet 1-35

    T - final review and study 1.1-1.4 and 2.1-2.4

    W- test

    Th - finish test and start everfi computer program

    F Intro to chp 4 acticvity and prerequisite skills factors\ prime/ composite





     Course 1

     M- reviewed decimal dividing and do puzzle worksheet

         period 3 do the first 8 problems on the puzzle worksheet

         period 7- puzzle worksheet was due today but many did not do finish correctly for tomorrow

         period 8- finish puzzle sheet all 

    be sure I have your quiz signed by a parent and turned in

    T-all classes needed to -turn in and finish the puzzle division sheet and do dividing with decimal divisors pg 198  1-6 FOLLOW DIRECTIONS GIVEN IN BOOK AND IN CLASS 

    W- decimal dividing pg 198-199 guided practice 1-10

    Th-continued practice with division of decimals quiz on Tues.

    Course 2

    M- in class review of multiplication with whiteboards and do pg 68-69   11,19,21,23, 34,48

    T - corrected multiplication work and went into dividing decimal review pg 71-72 do guided practice 1-7

    W-2.4 practice worksheet started with a partner in class do only #1,2,3,9,10,11,12,13,15,17,19,21,22,23,24,25

    Th- reviewed all decimal operations for test next Tues. over 1.1-1.4 and 2.1-2.4 study vocab and concepts review packet will be handed out tomorrow


     Course 2 

    Mon- Finish working on review packet for test 1-35 and study 1.1-1.4 and 2.1-2.4

    Tues- final review 

    Weds - test 






    Course 1 

    Mon-review long division and practice, know parts of a division problem vocab and 3 ways we write division finish problems given to you in class

    T- All class reviewed long division and math terms. All were given the OnCore workbook and worked on pg 3 multi digit division and estimating

    period 3 was short due to testing so pg 3 a-d

    period 7 a-d and 1a

    period 8 a-d 1a and 1b

    W- in class checked wrkbk pg 3 and finished it, in class check for understanding long division and parts of division. All students received their quiz back and directions on how to do corrections. They will be due Monday.

    Th- introduced dividing a decimal by a whole number watched a video and practiced, read pg 186 -187 in Course 1 book

    F decim

    Period 3 and 7 do 1-3 on pg 186 period 8 do 1-5

    quiz corrections due Mon

    F-decimal dividing worked on in class 4.4 guided practice pgs 186-187

    period 3 only puzzle  worksheet homework



    Course  2

    Mon- quizzes back and information on how to do corrections due Weds with parent signature - define equation and solution and show steps of how to do work doing guided practice 1-8

    TUES- Review equation solution do pg 27-29 #1,2,3,6,9,12,15,18,21,23,27,34,35,42,43,44 BE SURE TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS

    W- assignment due and started chp 2 decimals read pgs 56-57 do GP 1-9

    Th pg 61 1-12 decimals and expressions with decimals, decimal estimation

    test next Fri 1.1-1.5 and 2.1-2.4

    Fri- worked on decimal multiplication in class be sure guided practice is done


    Course 1

    Mon-In class review place value and value. Do 2 khan academy assignments on place value and value at least an 80% or better or keep redoing. Log in to Freckle student dashboard and sign in to you class with the class code class 3rd shutea, class 7 shute3, class 8 shutex you need to do the math facts assignment. You were to glue in the divisibility rules to your spiral and study them. We will have a quiz Friday on place value and divisibility. STUDY!!!

    T-Divisibility worksheet from class finish quiz Fri on that divisibility and place value STUDY

    W-google classroom quizlet review for divisibility rules, 2 khan assignments one a video and the other practice for divisibility and the worksheet practice - review your place value because quiz is Friday

    TH-Review worksheet on place value correct study and be ready for quiz


    Course 2

    Mon- In class reviewed 1.2 worksheet and errors. Went back over 1.3 vocab on powers and went over 1-6 guided practice pg 14 finished pg 14  7-11 guieded practice and did khan academy assignment and Freckle assignment of math facts Freckle sign in code is SHUTEG. Quiz Friday on section 1.1-1.4

    T- order of operations know how to do and show steps finish 1-4 from class study quiz Fri 1.1-1.4

    W- finished 1.4 order of operations be sure you checked 7-11 and did them, study and review all 4 sections for quiz Fri 

    Th- practice quiz on pg 22 study


    9/3-9/6  Parent Night Thursday

    Course 1

    Tues- In class discuss and look at format for our homework and how to help ourselves when we are stuck. Glued visual in math spiral and found our day of week partners. 

    Weds. White board activity for review of adding, subtracting with borrowing , multi-digit multiplicaion, and long division

    some students still have late work from last week, remind parents of parent night and take home schedule

    Thurs.- place value worksheets and google classroom vocab

    Fri- second place value sheet done in class and is homework if not done pg 120 in the book has a place value chart

    also go to google classroom and go through the review math vocabulary power point and submit for grading


    Course 2

    Tues- Notes on variable, variable expression and evaluate read pg 8

    went over steps to evaluate 1. write variable expression                        x + 5          x=4

                                                   2. substitute the value of the variable        4 + 5

                                                   3. simplify or solve                                         9

    always work vertical in algebra

    Do pg 8 1-4 guided practice

    Weds- Review vocab from yesterday and steps, go over 1-4. Read pg 9 and discuss ways to write multiplication and division in algebra

    do 5-13 guided practice

    remind parents of parent night and give them their schedule

    Thurs- worksheet 1.2 B

    Fri-none in class notes on powers and exponents and read pgs 13-14 and do 1-6 guided practice in your spiral





     All classes have math interview due Friday


    Today was picture day and disaster/fire drill day and we had most classes interrupted so we continued in class work, but students still have the intervieas due Friday


     Course 1 math 8/26-8/30

    Mon- review packet started and introduced hardcover book, math interview homework given out due Fri

    Tues- drill day worked a little on packet

    Weds- technology day -google classroom, khan academy, online book

    Th-in class ,work on packet and it is due tomorrow

    F-none unless you did not do your homework from the week- review packet and interview

    Course 2 math

    M- Intro to chapter 1 activites and math interview homework due Fri, finish intro activities

    T- partner work and went over intro activities did prerequisite skills page in class

    W- technology day- google classroom, khan, online book

    TH- started 1.1 read and did practice problems in our spiral- homework 2 patterns to figure out

    F,S,T,F,F,S,S _ ,_ ,_, _ ,_          1536,768,384,192, _,_,_,_

    F-only if you did not finish in class pg 5-6 problems or interview