Mrs. Shute's Daily Agenda

    5/17Core 1,3,4  TEST NEXT THURS

    In class guided practice sheet and then do homework problems

    Core 1 pg 177 1-10

              Core 3 - 4 math problems given in class 

                 Core 4 pg 177  3-7

    Core 2 - in class drawing circle graph and figuring percent of a circle or fraction of a circle quiz Tues.

    5/16 Core 1,3,4, Distributive property pg 175-177 brain pop in class practice and modeling 177GP2-5

    5/14 Core 1,3,4 in class Kahoot on writing expressions and review expressions- Do khan academy assignments 4 of them 2 on expressions and 2 on powers

    Core 2 - finish in class problems on percent equation pg 468-469 #13,15,20,26,30,31,32,34

    show your work and steps with the percent equation you may use a calculator

    5/13Core 1,3,4 finish in class variable expression sheet and homework writing variable expressions

    Core 2-1-10 percent equation problems pg 467 you can use a calculator but need to show all steps

    5/9 Core 1,4 in class work on variable expressions

    Core 3 pg 30  7-15

    Core 2 9.2 study guide sheet all problems show your proportion and work

    5/8 Core 1,4 pg 30 7-15 guided practice show all steps

    Core 3 pg 29 1-6 guided practice show all steps

    Core 2 do guided practice 6-9 on pg 455 use the example to help you and show all work

    5/7 Core 1,4 in class work on 4 order of operations problems finish and notes on vocab numerical expression, evaluate, variable and variable expression do pg 29 GP 1-6 show all steps in vertical format and no = signs

    Core 3- in class 4 order of operation problems- finish is not done and read pgs 29-30

    Core 2- test back and do 9.1 B worksheet showing work 

    5/6 Core 1,3,4 order of operations review pg 21-22 and do pg 49 #26-35

    Core 2 chp 9 fraction decimal percent went over guided practice and did several problems in class be ready to work on tomorrow

    5/1 Core 2 review packet done and study test tomroorow

    Core 1,3,5 exponent packet

    4/30 Core 2 finish reveiw packet and study for chp 8 test Thurs

    Core 1,3,4 finish picture graph and flower picture. 

    4/22 Core 1,3,4 review in class all vocab and practiced on Khan and Freckle study at home

    Core 2- quiz corrections due Weds. do slope sheet 8.3 and read 8.6 pg 430-432 test will be end of this week or early next week on chp 8


    4/17 Core 1,3,4 Review packet and study for test next Weds. 

    Core 2 - slope pg 409-411 and notes and practice in class

    do pg 411 3-8

    4/15 Core 1,4 all in class graphing sheets done and review graphing notes, start Are You Ready first pg due tomorrow- test next week on integers

    Core 3 - all in class graph sheets done and study graph vocab and unit vocab. Test next week on integers 

    Core 2- review for quiz 8.1,8.2,8.4,8.5

    4/11 Core 1,3,4 in class graphing vocab and activity on white board. Study graphing we will be starting our review Monday we will test integers on  4/23 

    4/10 Core 1,3,4 in class worksheet practice of integers and intro to graphing- retake quiz tomorrow

    Core 2 in class work on proportions and rates

    quiz Tues on 8.1-8.2, 8.4-8.5

    4/9 Core 1,3,4 more work with abosulute value. Finish in class packet and be ready to turn in both packets on absolute value

    Core 2- tests back and worksheet on proportion solving bring back sheet we will finish tomorrow.

    4/8 Core 1,3,4 absolute value packet A-D answer questions and be sure class work is filled out, quizes handed back

    Core 2 work with proportions 1-9 guided practice 8.3


    4/5Core 1,3,4 quiz on integers  and started absolute value -khan assignments. Test on ratios returned check your grade on student vue

    Core 2- worked with unit rates and went over 8.2 worksheet 

    4/4 Core 1 finish puzzle sheet an study notes for quiz

    Core 2 1-17 on 8.2 show work on seperate paper

    Core 3 study for quiz

    Core 4 study for quiz finish puzzle

    4/3 Core 1,3,4, quiz Friday over integers both positive and negative , opposites and graphing numbers on a number line and comparing integers and situations with inequality symbols

    < > 573-574 pgs in book and notes sheet study

    finish todays worksheet from in class the exit slip sheet

    Core 2 - finish worksheet on ratios from in class

    4/2 Core 1,3,4 in class notes sheet on integers and opposites, in class sheet about real world integer situations and homework sheet comparing integers

    Core 2 -quizlet with new vocab start for chp 8, read 404-405 do 1-3 guided practice went over guieded practice 1-4 from yesterday


    4/1 Core 1,3,4 Intro to integers on Khan and read pgs 573-574 and do GP 1-12

    we read over the sheet that has what you will learn in this unit - keep this sheet

    we will start a new quizlet with our new unit vocab tomorrow

    anyone who needs to finish their test will do so tomorrrow

    Core 2 - finished all tests and start new chp. 8

    read 399-400 and do 1-4 guided practice

    we will start our new quizlet with vocab for chp 8 tomorrow

    Have a great Spring Break- be ready to start fresh and work hard the rest of the year- anyone who was absent the last day and did not finish their math tests will need to after break

    3/20 Core 1,3,4 all review packets are due tomorrow and test. Great way to study is to redo the Are You Ready packet. Cover your work and see if you can do the work independantly again.

    Core 2 review packet up to #44 we will do the test on Friday 


    3/19 Core 1,3,4 finish review packet except graph and study

    Core 2 review packet up to 34 and study

    3/18 CORE 1,3,4 Are You Ready packet 1-19 study for test

    Core 2 Are You Ready packet 13-22 study chp 7 for test Thurs

    3/14 Pi day!

    Core 2 - x=chp 7 test next Thurs- worksheet 7.7 

    Core 1 Are You Ready packet 1-8  Test next Thurs ratios and rates

    Core 3 yellow packet pg from class test next Thurs ratio and rates

    Core 4 Are You Ready 1-8 test next Thurs ratio and rates

    3/13 Core 1 yellow packet percent page both sides

    Core 2 finish GP #4 on functions test next Thurs Chp 7

    Core 3 read 8.7

    Core 4 yellow packet both sides of percent page from class

    3/12Core 1 none

    Core 3 read 429-431 do 1-10 guided practice and quiz corrections due

    Core 4 none

    Core 2- read functions pgs

    3/11 Core 1,3,4 percent worksheet quiz corrections

    Core 2 7.6 worksheet

    3/8 Core 1,3,4 Percent worksheet front side 1-24

    Core 2 inequalites GP 5-10

    3/7 Core 1,3,4 percent worksheet

    Core 2 GP 1-4 inequalities

    3/6 Core 1,3,4 quiz read 424-426 do guided practice 1-9

    core 2 went over homework from yesterday read 7.6 inequalities be ready to discuss

    3/5 Core 1,3,4 study google classroom and your vocab

    Core 2 pg 363-364 1,2,18,21,35 pick 4 from 3-17

    3/4 Core 1 3 4 study for quiz and do review page

    Core 2 finish quiz 2 step equations7.5

    2/28- Core 1,3,4 finish yellow packet page from in class today

    core 2- finish in class practice quiz and study multiplication and division solving 1 step equations


    2/27 Core 1 yellow packet finish try this 3a

    Core 2-read 7.5 study X and divide solving equations

    Core 3-yellow packet pg from class

    Core 4-yellow packet pg from class 

    2/26 Core 1- yellow packet work up to third page part A and B

    Core 2- 7.4 B 1-21 with the pick 5 in the solve and check section and skip 4

    Core 3- first page front and back of yellow packet and recess choices worksheet draw your double number line so up to 1A on the back

    Core 4- First page front and back of yellow packet and recess choices sheet done

    2/25 Core 1 double number line on worksheet for 1 a b c

    Core 2- study steps for multiplying and dividing equation solving quiz Friday

    Core 3 be sure first page of yellow packet is done

    Core 4- finish first side of worksheet only doing 1-4

    2/20 Core 1 - finish unit rate sheet from in class

    quiz corrections due 

    Core 2- quiz corrections due read pgs 354-355 and do guided practice 1-9 solve and check use examples to model your work

    Core 3- quiz corrections due Friday, in class unit rate sheet must have 1 and 2 done 

    Core 4- quiz corrections due tomorrow and up to 3b done on unit rate sheet from class

    2/19- Core 1- guided practice 1-6 pgs 407-409

    and quiz corrections due tomorrow

    Core 2- quiz corrections and vocabulary done on quizlet and review the vocab

    Core 3- 1-6 guided practice pg 407409

    Core 4 1-6 guided practice pg 407-409 and quiz corrections due Thurs


    2/12 Core 1,3,4 - wrksht 8.1 B finish - quiz on 8.1 ratios study 402-403 test signed

    Core 2 - review 7.1-7.3 for quiz

    2/11 Core 1,3,4 reviewed ratio packet and made corrections and went over test - test must get signed and come back tomorrow

    quiz WEDS on ratios

    Core 2 review of 7.1-7.3 for quiz Weds. went over pgs 386-387 #6-13, back to pg350 do #27-29

    2/8 Core 1,3,4 in class quizlet make vocab study with our 2 vocab ratio and equivalent ratio, pg 404-405 d0# 22, 29-33

    Core 2- in class solving equations review  quiz Weds. review on classzone

    2/7 Core 1,3,4,- in class work on ratios from pg 404 no homework unless you did not finish ratio packet from last night

    Core 2 - none quiz next Weds on 7.1-7.3

    2/6- Core 1,3,4in class ratio packet with pgs 402-403 finish for homework

    Core 2-in class white board equation work homework 4 equation problem worksheet


    2/5 Core 1,3,4-finish tests start chp 8 ratios- go to google classroom and assignment is there and BrainPop read pg 402-403 1-9 guided practice modeled just like examples

    Core 2- none intro to equations pg 347 and notes sheet in class

    2/4 Core 1,3,4 test - next unit is ratio and rate Chp 8

    Core 2 - pg 344 4,7,10,12,13

    1/29 Core 1,3,4- finish review packet and study for test that will be on Monday- Friday we will do a final review and answer any questions- study on classzone all of Chp 7 lesson 4 and 5 materials and google classroom quizlet and review materials

    Core 2- read 7.2 and pay attention to vocabulary start 7.2 packet

    1/24 Core 1,3,4 study vocab on google classroom and go to Khan and watch videos on visual models

    Core 2 7.1 worksheet

    1/23 Core 1,3,4 pick 3 problems from pg 369 3-18 to do showing all steps and test next Thurs multiply and divide fractions/mixed numbers and simplify answers recognize and draw visuals

    Core 2 none

    1/22 Core 1,3,4 pg 368 GP 1-5 show all steps and test next week on fractions

    Core 2- chp 7 beginning of chapter puzzles and then prerequisite skills page look over vocabulary 334-336

    1/16 Core 1 - 2 sides of worksheet do all the problems showing the equivalent multiplication problem and then choose 5 on the front side to solve and 6 on the second side- all from in class that we went over should be done

    Core3,4 - all of the above and the two word problems

    Core 2- finish review packet and study be ready to test


    1/15  Core 1,3,5 quiz corrections

    Core 2 -front and back of review page,  study for test 

    1/14 Core 1,3,4 pg 364 13-16

    Core 2- both sides review page, study for test

    1/10 Core 1,3,4 None quiz we will start fraction division tomorrow

    Core 2- worksheet 6.8 both sides


    1/9 Core 1,3,4 study for quiz

    Core 2- none

    1/8 Core 1,2,4- pg 359 1-12 practice quiz, quiz THurs. 7.1-7.3

    Core 2- no homework test next week on Chp. start review

    1/7- WELCOME BACK - hope everyone had a great holiday break!!

    CORE 1,3,4- Quiz Thursday over multiplication of fractions, whole numbers and mixed numbers using the shortcut and simplifying all answers. Be able to recognize and draw visual models as well.


    READ 7.1-7.3 and study-use khan and classzone as well as book

    CORE 2- Chapter test coming mid next week start studying do pg 309-310 distributive property work #2,4,8,10,13,19

    12/18 Core 1 - math worksheet all 1-12 use shortcut

    Core -3& 4 pg 349 -350 guided practice 4-12 do

    core 4 do #13 as well

    Core 2 pg  304     #1,2,3,4,7,8,15,19,20,28,29,30

    12/17 Core 1,3,4 in class visual models of fraction x fraction and how to do the multiplication read 348-350

    Core 2- integer dividing and the formula for

    12/12 Core 1,3,4 finish guided practice pg 341-343 6-9 use the examples for help

    Core 2- read 6.5 on dividing integers and do the guided practice.

    12/11 Core 2- study for quiz 6.1-6.4

    Core 1,3,4- read 7.1 on multiplying fractions and whole numbers test signed

    12/10 Core 1,3,4 mixed number / improper fraction worksheet both sides , test signed and returned

    Core 2- quiz Weds. 6.1-6.4 do pg 293-294

    1-3,20,23-30, 53,55


    12/5 Core1.3.4 - READ pgs 243-245 do guided practice 1-12 pay attention to directions

    Core 2 6-13 Skills practice 6.3 subtracting integers

    12/4 Core 1,3,4 be prepared for factors and multiples test. you have review packet and study 5.1-5.2-5.4 starting on 230

    Core 2- sheet 6.2 and read subtracting integers 6.3

    12/3 Core 1 finish front side of word problem sheet and study for test Weds

    Core 2 finish reading and notes on absolute value

    Core 3-4 study


    11/29 Core 1,3,4 all have finalized LCM/GCF packet due and test on LCM/GCF next Weds. Study book sections 5.1,5.2,5.4 pgs 230-239 and 250-253 your notes and examples in your spiral and the review packet.

    Core 2- finish reading 6.2 and be sure you defined absolute value in your notes

     11/28 Core 1 and 3 at field ,rip quiz corrections due and packet

    Core 2 - 6.1 worksheet

    Core -4 review packet 


    Core 1- review packet page 1 both sides and quiz corrections if you did not get them turned in today

    Core 2- no class on field trip

    Core 3- finish all pages of review packet and quiz corrections if you did not turn them in today

    Core 4- no class field trip - quiz corrections are due tomorrow.

    11/14 Core 1,3,4, pg 251 # 6-7 and 9-10 use the examples to help you.

    11/13 Core 1,3,4 read pgs 250-251 multiple and LCM

    Core 2 study metric and customary for test and be sure review is done

    11/12 Core 1,3,4 study for quiz onGCF, factors and prime factorization

    Core 2- 1-15 on review packet and study measurement

    11/8-  Core 1,3,4 - study how to do GCF with prime factoriztion - study your notes and book 

    COre 2 1-5 pg 251 show conversion factor work

    11/7 Core 1,3,4 pg 237 GCF problems

    COre 2- none test next week measurement

    11/6 Core 1,3,4- finsih prime factorization sheet and read pgs 236-237 in book

    Core 2- finish worksheet 2.6-2.7

    11/2 Core 1,3,4in class work finish skeleton , read pg 232 khan academy prime factoriation videos

    Core 2 - metric conversion work 2.6

    10/30 Core 1,3,4 4 factor and multiple problems from spiral

    Core 2 none will finish test tomorrow

    10/29- skeleton equivalent fractions in class


    Core 2 study for test

    10/26 Core 1,3,4 in class worked on equivalent fraction skeleton no homework

    Core 2 - test Tues review packet should be finished and corrected and study


    10/25 Core 1,3,4 finish test and start fraction skeleton

    Core 2 finish review packet

    10/24 test core 1.,3,4

    Core 2 review packet 1-9

    10/23 Core 1,3,4 review packets due and study for test

    Core 2 practice quiz for adding subtracting mult and divide fractions pg242 1-18

    10/22 CORE 1,3,4 finish review packet and study for test including the vocabulary.

    Core 2 pg 239-241 #1,3,5,7,13,15,21,23,25,26,29,33,35,41,44

    10/18 CORE 1,3,4 finish properties sheet by giving examples and study for decimal test next Weds.

    COre 2 quiz corrections and signature

    10/17 CORE1,3,4- study decimal operations for test next week

    Core 2 fraction operation review

    10/16 Core 1,3,4 finish notes sheet on decimal operations -be sure you have an example for each


    Core 2- took quiz /no homework

    10/15 Coew 1,3,4 worksheet4.6 1-16 completed and study we will have a decimal test early next week.

    Core 2- study for GCF LCM quiz

    10/12 Core 1,3,4 4.6 1-12


    Core 2 - quiz Tues LCM GCF

    10/11 Core 1,3,4 we will be testing end of next week on decimals study dividing decimals

    Core 2- none you will have a quiz LCM and GCF next Tues.

    10/10 Core 1,3,4 finish dividing decimal problems pg 186-187

    Core 2 1,2,11,14-17,37,41 pg 184

    10/9 Core 1,3,4 read 186-187 decimal dividing

    Core 2- LCM be ready to work

    10/5 no homework

    10/4- Core 1,3,4- quiz tomorrow - study watch you tube videos of decimal adding subtracting and multiplying if needed

    Core 2- # 47 pg 173

    10/3 CORE 1,3,4- Quiz Friday on decimal adding subtracting and multiplying. Finish in class word problem worksheet if you did not in class.

    Core 2- get test signed

    10/2 Core 1- wrksheet 3.6 #1-12 27&28 and read 181-183

    Core 2- pg 171  #4-7 GCF

    Core 3- wrksheet 3.6  #1-8 and read 181-183

    Core 4- wrksheet 3.6 #1-3, 10-12, 13-152 27-28 and read 181-183

    10/1 Core 1- 4 decimal add and subtract problems

    Core 2 - none finished test today

    Core 3-4 - finish wrksheet 3.4 if did not in class.



    9/27 Core 1,3,4 finish wrksheet 3.3 ordering and comparing decimals

    Core 2 finish review packet be ready for test

    9/26 Core 1- finish 3.1 worksheet

     Core 2- 1-31 on review packet, test Friday 1.1-1.5 and 2.1-2.4

    Core 3-4 In class read 130-131

    9/25 Core 1 no homework

    Core 2- 1-22 on review packet - test Friday on 1.1-1.5 and 2.1-2.4

    Core 3- decimals, sheet 3.1 1-17

    Core 4- decimals , sheet 3.1 ALL

    9/24 Core 1,3,4- went over mistakes on our beginning of the year review packet, start first unit on decimals. We will be adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. No homework tonight for most CORE 1 pg 120 #3-6

    Core 2- Reviewed errors on decimal operations from homework and reveiwed expressions

    9/20 Core1,3,4- finish packet we worked on in class use all your resources to help you.

    Core 2- finish practice quiz 1-15 pg 76

    9/19 Core 1,2,4- all flashcards due

    core 2-none

    9/18 Core 1,3,4 quiz corrections due tomorrow, finish place value sheet and flashcards

    Core 2 quiz corrections due 1-9 pg 56-57

    9/17  Core 1,3,4- quiz corrections due Weds., 

    core 2 - quiz corrections due Weds

    9/12  Core 2 study for quiz Friday

    Core 1,3,4 finish practice divisibility sheet study for quiz Friday

    9/11 Core 2 pg 18 GP 1-4 show all steps, study for FRi quiz 1.1-1.5

    Core 1,3,4 divisibility worksheet study for FRi quiz

    9/10 Core 2 worksheet 1.3B do on seperate paper and show all steps of work- quiz Friday over sections 1.1-1.5 in chp 1

    Core 1,3,4 Divisibility worksheet due Tues.and divisibility book due Fri, study divisibility rules for Friday quiz

    9/7 Core 2 - none but we will have a quiz next Friday over sections 1.1-1.5

    core 1,3,4- none but a quiz next Friday on divisibility rules. We will be making a study flip book Monday

    9/6 Acc math - none in class went over homework and started 1.3 powers

    Core 1,3,4- division worksheet 


    9/5  Accelerated Core 2 pg 10-11 #1,2,4,7,15,20,25,36,40

    Core 1,3,4 - corrections if you did not do your homework for today all others none

    9/4 No homework for ACC unless no interview turned in

    Math regular- finish corrections on your basic math 16 problem sheet, some still have late interviews


    • 8/31 Have a great holiday weekend
    • Core 1,3,5 none unless you did not do your interview it is late get it done
    • Core 2 finish interview- get book covered


    8/30 Core 2- pg 5 1-5,8,11,14,21 and math interview

    Core 1,3,5 - math interview


    8/29  ALL classes have math interview due Friday

    8/28- Core 2- Math I Can sheet home

    Core 1,3,4 math interview due Friday and take purple Math I Can sheet home



    8/27 Picture day tomorrow. 

    Core 1,3,4- math interview due Friday, be sure to finish your math survey if you did not in class

    Core 2 - Be sure to get your math book covered and make sure your math survey is done


    8/24 Acc math- get book covered, check out classzone website at home

    8/24 Math - check out classzone website at home





    8-22 Accelerated math get a book cover for your math book

    8/22 Math no homework