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  • 11/22

    Posted by Tiffany Semcken on 11/22/2019

    Please take a quick look to see what we accomplished this week...


    - Discussed the meaning of Thanksgiving

    - Several Thanksgiving activities/projects

    - Talked about being kind to one another and filling eachother's "buckets"

    - How can we fill eachother's buckets?

    - How can others fill our buckets?

    - Discussed who we are thankful for, and why

    - Acted out partners of 4-6 with out classmates

    Addition and subtraction fluency practice

    - Teen number practice (groups of 10)

    -Earned another class reward day: movie day


    *White ENCORE shirts will be brought home today.  Please wash over the break and bring back to school on Monday, December 2nd.



    Monday 11/25-Tuesday 11/26- Conferences.  No School.

    11/27-11/29- Thanksgiving Break.  No School.

    Butter Braid Fundraiser until 12/3



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  • 11/15

    Posted by Tiffany Semcken on 11/15/2019

    Here's what we accomplished this week:


    - Discussed Veteran's Day and did activities

    - Read Grumpy Bird and discussed feelings  and wrote about what makes us grumpy

    - Thanksgiving activities

    Syllable work

    Sight word work

    - Took Unit 2 Math Test (will be shared at conferences)

    - Intro to groups of 10

    - Partners of numbers

    - Addition and subtraction problems 

    Making teen numbers  with groups of 10

    - Met with our buddies


    *Reading bags have come home!  Please read the letter in the bag and make sure students are reading books every night and the bag (with the books inside) get returned EVERY DAY!


    **PLEASE make sure your student is dressed for the weather!  The only time students will not be outside for recess is if the temperature gets below 0.  Even if your child does not want to play in the snow, snowpants are a great way to help keep them warm!



    Community Harvest Food Drive until 11/20

    PTA Book Fair 11/20-11/26

    PTA Butter Braid Fundraiser until 12/3

    11/18- Glacier Ridge Eats Out at Georgio's

    11/20- Early Release (2pm dismissal)

            - Progress Reports available on TeacherVue

            - Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences 5-8pm

    11/22- Spirit Day- Flannel Day!

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  • 11/8

    Posted by Tiffany Semcken on 11/8/2019

    Here's what we accomplished this week...


    - Went on our field trip to see Pete The Cat at the Raue!

    - Read stories and made predictions

    - Revisted and revised our predictions

    Character feelings

    - Presentation from Candace Fleming inspiring young authors and illustrators

    - Discussed non fiction books

    - Wrote a fact we learned from a NF book

    - Compared and contrasted poems

    - Practiced with partners of a number

    - Reviewed for a math test (next week)

           - Shapes, addition, subtratcion, counting, writing numbers


    *Please take a moment to log into ParentVue (from a computer- the app won't work) and sign up for a Parent-Teacher-Student conference!  If you are unable to log in, please let me know and I can sign you up on my end!  There are still several spots for Monday 11/25 and a few on Tuesday 11/26



    Communite Harvest Food Drive until 11/20

    11/11-12/3 PTA Butter Braid Fundraiser

    11/13 PTA Meeting @ 6:30




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  • 11/1

    Posted by Tiffany Semcken on 11/1/2019

    This week, we....


    - Discussed fantasy fiction 

    Journaled about what we would like to do on a rainy day

    - Discussed imaginations

    - Identified end punctuation

    Halloween activies and stories

    - Told and solved addition and subtraction stories

    - -1 Pattern

    - Practiced writing numbers

    - Attributes of a hexagon

    - Positional words: above, below, next to

    Had a wonderful Halloween Party!  Thank you volunteers!

    - Welcomed our newest Polar Bear, Enerlen, into our class!



    Community Harvest Food Drive is ongoing until 11/20

    11/4- Kindergarten Field Trip to the Raue to see Pete the Cat!  (We will have our regular routine in the morning, then have lunch and then head to the play!)

    11/6- Glacier Ridge Reads- 6pm



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  • 10/25

    Posted by Tiffany Semcken on 10/25/2019

    Here's what we accomplished this week...


    - Read several stories and discussed visualization

    - Continued to pick out the beginning, middle and end of stories

    Retold a story using pictures a few days after reading it

    - Halloween activities

    - Began reading groups

    Groups of 5

    +1 pattern

    - Trianlge attributes

    - Classify other shapes

    - Discussion about what plants need to live

    - Met with our buddies and created monsters

    - Whole school dance party earned from the Fun Run


    Please send your student to school on Halloween with their costume in a separate bag or in their backpack.  Students will not be wearing costumes all day, we will change into them before the parade at 2:10.



    10/28-11/20 Community Harvest Food Drive

    10/30- Picture Retakes

             - Permission slip for field trip on 11/4 DUE

    10/31- Halloween

    11/4- Field Trip to the Raue

    11/6- Glacier Ridge Reads (Author Candice Fleming) @ 6pm


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  • 10/18

    Posted by Tiffany Semcken on 10/18/2019

    Here's what we did this week...


    - Continued our discussion of perseverance 

    - Read many Curious George stories

    - Retold a story using pictures

    - Discussed story elements of several stories (characters, setting, beginning, middle and end)

    -Learned about spiders and completed several spider activities

    -Reviewed syllables

    -Made numbers using groups of 5

    -Used an equal and not equal sign to show numbers

    - Practiced writing numbers and 8

    -Addition and subtraction math stories

    -Began a new science unit on living and non-living things



    *Students will be bringing home their white ENCORE shirts this afternoon.  Please wash and return on Monday!  Thank you!




    10/22- Glacier Ridge Eats Out @ Panera (Crystal Lake).

    10/23- Early Release- Dismissal at 2pm

    10/25- School Dance Party! (Please wear Fun Run Tshirts this day!)  This was earned because we exceeded our goal from Fun Run donations!

    10/30- Picture Re-Take Day

    10/31- Halloween!  * Please send costumes in a separate bag! We will not be wearing them all day, but we will change into them before the parade at 2:10.


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  • 10/11

    Posted by Tiffany Semcken on 10/11/2019

    Take a look to see what we've done this week... 


    - Read many fall stories and activities

    - Sight word practice: I, see, can, my

    - Worked on beginning consonant sounds

    - -at word family

    Groups of 5 within numbers 5-10

    - Addition and subtraction math stories (out loud, looking at pictures, drawing pictures)

    - Practice writing 6

    - Counting in order

    - Continued to discuss weather patterns  and wonder how can we predict the weather?




    10/14- Columbus Day- No school

    10/16- PTA Meeting @ 6:30 

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  • 10/4

    Posted by Tiffany Semcken on 10/4/2019

    Here's what we accomplished this week...


    - Read The Little Engine That Could and discussed perseverance

    - Talked and wrote about things we can do

    - Sight word practice: a, at, can, I, like, look, see, the

    - Reviewed for and took Unit 1 Math Test (to be sent home soon

    - Learned about a thermometer and practiced reading one

    - Collected and analyzed data for several days on the temperature

    Observed types of weather we've had

    - Met with our 5th grade buddies  and practiced our ABC's

    - Earned another reward day by working together as a class! 



      ** We are still looking for one Halloween Party Volunteer!  The party is on 10/31 from 2:30-3:15.  Please let me know if you are willing to volunteer! 



    *Parent Teacher Student Conference sign ups available in ParentVue-  

    As a reminder, Parent Teacher Conferences will be held in November.  I am excited to share your student's progress thus far, as well as the goals they have for continued progress.  (Remember we want your student present at conferences to share their achievements and goals.) 


    This year conferences will be held:

                               Wednesday, November 20th  5:00pm-8:00pm

                               Monday, November 25th 12:00pm-8:00pm

                               Tuesday, November 26th 8:00am-11:00am


    Please log in to ParentVue and choose CONFERENCE from the left hand menu to choose a day and time that works for you and your student(s).  (If you have more than one student you will have to select each student separately to choose a date a time for a conference.) Your response will be automatically submitted to the teacher, while at the same time marking that time slot filled. (The time slots visible when you login are the only time slots currently available.) If you need to change the time of your conference, log back in to ParentVue, choose CONFERENCE, unselect your current time which will then allow you to choose a new time. (You will need to use a web browser to access the scheduling, this process will not work from the ParentVue app.)


    Please let me know if you have any questions about signing up!


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  • 9/27

    Posted by Tiffany Semcken on 9/27/2019

    Here's a quick peek at what we accomplished this week...


    - Continued to discuss the importance of working together

    - Working together makes doing things more fun

    - Wrote sentences with our sight words: a, like, the, see, I

    - Practiced CAP skills and pointing to print as we read

    Compared and contrasted two stories using a Venn Diagram

    - Clapped out syllables

    Rhyming words

    - Discussed ideas for stories to write

    - Began a new science program/topic: weather patterns

    - How can we predict weather?

    Counting objects in a group

    - Practiced writing numbers

    - Practiced listening skills to draw shapes in specific spots/colors

    - Connected dots in number order with a staight line

    Looked at shapes with sides vs. no sides

    - Directional words: above, below, next to, etc.

    - Practiced a lock down drill

    - Picture Day (retake day is 10/30)

    - Fun Run

    - Practiced a bus evacuation drill



    10/4- Parent/Teacher/Student Conference scheduling available on ParentVue


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  • 9/20

    Posted by Tiffany Semcken on 9/20/2019

    Take a quick look to see what we did this week...


    - Finished learning our color songs 

    - Practiced writing sentences with color words and sight words

    Lots of activities with apples

    Read The Little Red Hen and other stories and discussed the importance of working together

    - Discussed ways to help others

    - Investigated pushes and pulls in science

    Compared numbers

    - Counted groups of things

    - Addition 

    - Worked with numbers 1-10

    Met with our 5th grade buddies

    - Erin's Law Presentation



    9/24- Picture Day

    9/25- Early Release- dismissal at 2pm

    9/26- Fun Run

    9/27- Sports Day- wear your favorite sport/team!


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