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  • Weekly News 10-18-19

    Posted by Lori Hoffman on 10/18/2019 3:00:00 PM


    Coventry's 2019-2020 yearbook orders can now be placed. The price of this year's yearbook is $13.54. To purchase a yearbook please go to https://tr5.treering.com/validate and enter your school’s passcode:101416421426234. A 10% discount will be applied if yc our yearbook order is placed by October 31st.


    Teacher Note

    Please remember to check your child’s home folder and assignment notebook. 


    We look forward to celebrating the traditions of the fall season at school and thank you in advance for working with us. Here are a few reminders in preparation for Halloween. As you and your child plan a costume for the school day, please keep in mind the following:


    • Your child should bring his/her costume to school in a bag on October 31, 2018.
    • Students may not wear costumes or make-up that may be frightening or inappropriate for elementary age children. We reserve the right to alter student costumes if we deem them inappropriate.
    • Children will need to change into their costume without assistance and only have a short time to get costumes on or off.  It’s best to keep your costume simple for school.
    • For safety reasons we are asking that all pointed or sharp objects be left at home to wear with their costume at another time.
    • Please remember that students are not allowed to bring any type of play weapon to school as part of their costume.
    • The students and staff will have a short parade walking around the school beginning at 2:15. (Weather Permitting). Parents are welcome to attend the parade.


    Thank you for your support. Your cooperation in making Halloween fun, safe and organized for our children is greatly appreciated.


    The kids are beginning to understand multi-digit multiplication. It definitely takes time. Here’s a math antics video showing the shortcut method we have been practicing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJ5qLWP3Fqo


    Language Arts

    This week we learned about metaphors and we are posting our tornado blogs on Seesaw. 


    Social Studies

    We continue to study the Northeast. I passed out a packet with flashcards for practicing the states and capitals. We will practice in class too with the program Kahoot. The quiz on this region will be next Thursday. I also let your child know that I have plenty of map practice sheets if they need them. 


    21 Board Meeting 7pm

    23 Early Release Day

    25 Picture Retakes

    31 Halloween Parade 

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  • Weekly News 10-4-19

    Posted by Lori Hoffman on 10/4/2019 3:45:00 PM


    f 5:10-6:15  Dunk Tank 

    6:15  Doors Open 

    7:00-8:30 Movie 


    Teacher update

    Conference Information,

    As a reminder, Parent Teacher Conferences will be held in November.  I am excited to share your student's progress thus far, as well as the goals they have for continued progress.  (Remember we want your student present at conferences to share their achievements and goals.) 


    This year's conferences will be held:


                                         Wednesday, November 20th      5:00pm-8:00pm

                                         Monday, November 25th    12:00pm-8:00pm

                                         Tuesday, November 26th 8:00am-11:00am


    Please log in to ParentVue and choose CONFERENCE from the left hand menu to choose a day and time that works for you and your student(s).  (If you have more than one student you will have to select each student separately to choose a date a time for a conference.) Your response will be automatically submitted to the teacher, while at the same time marking that time slot filled. (The time slots visible when you login are the only time slots currently available.) If you need to change the time of your conference, log back in to ParentVue, choose CONFERENCE, unselect your current time which will then allow you to choose a new time.


    If you would like to have an encore (Art, LMC, Music, PE or STEM), speech, reading teacher, or social worker included in your conference, please contact your child's homeroom teacher so she can make arrangements for that individual to be present.  

    Please contact your teacher or the main office if you have any questions or concerns.

    Language Arts

    This week we started our second Unit of Study.  We are reading about Tornadoes. We are learning to take notes and do research. We will be writing a “blog like” paper  about being in a tornado. This will be shared on Seesaw.


    We have begun the multiplication journey.  This chapter teachers multiplying two digits by one digit numbers and two digit by two. This can be difficult if the students do not  know their multiplication facts. Knowing your facts is real important. Please keep practicing facts at home.



    Important Dates



    4 Movie Night

    14 No School

    15 PTA Meeting

    21 Board Meeting 7pm

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  • Weekly News 9-27-19

    Posted by Lori Hoffman on 9/30/2019 8:00:00 AM

    Teacher Message

    The class previewed the bookfair today. Our class can purchase books on October 3rd. Thanks for working on the Coventry fundraiser. Movie night will be on October 4th. 



    The class is working on unit 2. This unit is focused on multiplication. If your child does not know how to multiply 2-digit numbers times a 2-digit number, they soon will. Completing homework is very important for extra practice. We review the homework every morning, so please make sure your child is prepared. Thanks for your help!


    Language Arts 

    This week we explored new reading apps. I introduced MyOn News and Kids A-Z. The nice thing about these programs is that they are geared to your child’s reading level and they have comprehension questions after the story.  


    Social Studies

    The class learned how our country is a “melting pot.” We studied how people settled the US. We are discussing other countries contributions. 

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  • Weekly Update 9-20-19

    Posted by Lori Hoffman on 9/21/2019 8:00:00 PM


    Teacher Message

    We have completed the round of Fastbridge testing for the fall. The students did great!!



    Please remember to check with your child to see if they have working headp

    hones at school. They are necessary. Thanks for your help. 


    Please check out the fundraiser information I sent home. Fundraiser due Friday 27th.



    We finished Chapter 1 and took the test today. Next week we will be starting Chapter 2 which will begin covering Multiplication, looking at different models and algebraic notation.  


    In the students assignment notebook they have access codes needed to explore some of the computer programs we use here at school.  They can use these programs at home to practice. Fact practice is an important part of this chapter. 


    Reflex Login     Freckle login


    Language Arts

    This week we read a story called Riding Freedom.  We then wrote a summary about the story.  Giving enough information, but not everything is a tough skill.


    Johnny Appleseed Day

    September 26th is actually Johnny Appleeeds birthday.  We had a blast today making applesauce and learning about different apples. We discovered that there are many different kinds and very different flavors. We tried 7 different kinds of apples. Please ask your child which was their favorite. 

    • Honeycrisp
    • Gala
    • Granny Smith
    • Washington Rave
    • Gingergold
    • Fiji
    • Golden Delicious

    Social Studies

    We have been reading Chapter 2 and 3 and learning about the many different people that make up America.

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  • Weekly News 9-13-2019

    Posted by Lori Hoffman on 9/13/2019 11:40:00 PM



    Free September Clipart

    Thank you so much for coming last night to parent night. It was so nice to meet all of you.  If you were not able to attennd last night, we have put the information in your childs homefolder.

    We are off to a wonderful start.


    Image result for picture day clipartImage result for picture day clipart


    Important Dates


    18 Picture Day

    25 Early Release Day- Dismissal 2:00pm

    27 PBIS Assembly


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  • Weekly Update 9-6-19

    Posted by Lori Hoffman on 9/6/2019 2:00:00 PM







    Teacher Message

    Welcome to fourth grade.

    Look for the weekly update to see what we are doing!

    We completed our first round of MAP testing. We will take these tests once more in the winter. Sometimes for computer work we need headphones. Please double check with your child to see if their headset is working and if they have some. 


    Math         e


    The year started off with learning place value, rounding, and reading large numbers. We are focusing on some newer terms called standard form and expanded notation. Here is an example below. 



    Standard Form: 89,345

    Expanded Form: 80,000 +9,000+300+40+5

    Word Form: eighty nine thousand, three hundred forty-five

    We continue to study place value in unit 1. We worked on adding and subtracting large numbers and estimation this week. I have plenty of grid paper your child can use at home as well. Just have your child let me know and I can send home a bunch. We will use grid paper for aligning our long division problems later on. 


    I will be signing students up for a fact practice program called Reflex. They may have used this last year. They can practice facts on the weekends too. Your child’s password will be glued inside of their assignment notebook. Here’s the link to get there. Reflex Login


    Language Arts     u


    Last week we read several great stories this week. We read a book about Jackie Robinson and how his teammates impacted his life. We read a book called A Bad Case of Stripes and the kids worked on summarizing it. We also read Chicken Sunday. You will have to ask your child what that one was about.

    This week we read a great narrative nonfiction story about a hippo and a tortoise. You may have heard about these true life animals, Owen and Mzee. Here’s a quick clip to see how these friends interact. https://vimeo.com/24175704. Your child identified their character traits using text evidence. 


    Social Studies

    Students created slideshows on the four social scientists we have been studying. They included a definition for each and artifact images. 


    Don't forget Parents Night is September 12th, 2019 at 6:00pm

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